Emilia’s Corner: Integrity…

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My post today is all about integrity. What does that mean exactly? It means to honor your word to yourself.  Just you, no one else.

If you can’t do this, how are you going to go far in life? Or help others? And what does this have to do with health and fitness? Well it has everything to do with it.

In order to make healthy sustainable changes you need to make a commitment with yourself. That is exactly what Nikki had done for herself the day her and I sat down at Starbucks one Friday afternoon as we laid out her short-term health goals.  This one small step we took to set up her goals was the beginning of a push that will continue to push harder and farther as Nikki moves through her journey to her weight loss goals.

The small habits that we begin to develop as we make our way toward our goals are the most important part of the process. Never underestimate their power! This is the true test to see if you are really committed to your new lifestyle you are creating for yourself.

We are all on our own journeys as we navigate through life, all at varying levels but this one thing is true for all of us. This is how we can all relate to one another and understand. Our ability to commit to our inner word and do what makes us truly happy and feel alive at the end of the day. This is not an easy task by any means. There are days where you just feel like quitting and giving up, but that inner voice, your integrity it comes in and pushes you right out of that hole with a force so strong you take another leap forward. Nikki exemplified this the day we did the grouse grind, her first fitness goal completed!

I believe a huge part of our inability to commit is due to the culture we live in today. It has taught us in many ways that we need to reach “perfection” and quite frankly what does that even mean? Who came up with the meaning of what this perfect body is supposed to even look like? There is no such thing!

As you embark on your fitness journey take pride in every positive step you take to reach your goals. Love your inner strength and remove all thoughts of doubt and shame from your mind to make room for all those positive affirmations of success.

The knowledge and skills you will develop along the way is the integrity and dignity to accomplish anything you want in life.

Yours in health,


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