Emilia uses this t-shirt as a weapon against me 🙂 

There are times in our lives where our responsibilities can get overwhelming and we are left to prioritize what gets done first, what moves to the bottom of the list, what gets taken off altogether and then, once this list is complete we start to address our willingness to get to work and at times, procrastination to move forward with the list. I have been saying for the last few months that my health, eating healthy and exercising is a top priority for me. I have invested the money in a personal trainer so you’d think that it really is a top priority for me…wrong, it hasn’t been.  I’ve been doing good, don’t get me wrong, but there is definite room for improvement. 

I suffer from, what at times feels severe, case of procrastination. The most popular phrase running through my head is “I’ll start tomorrow.”  This is how I have been, especially the last couple weeks. I did go through some health issues in June, which was the perfect excuse to coast for a couple weeks, but I have been perfectly fine to continue with my health and weight loss journey. Then some stuff came up at work, then a vacation to visit my brother and nieces in Prince George, then more stuff at work and then……there is always going to be something. I will always have the perfect excuse not to make this a priority.

Ever notice how when something falls into the urgent/important category you seem to pull it off with super human speed, strength and stamina? Why is it that we wait until this moment to get it done and at what cost does this procrastination come? Is it really worth it?

Me not making my health a priority is something that cannot continue.  I am also notoriously awesome at being really hard on myself for not making it a priority, which is also something that cannot continue. So here is the game for the next 7 days, yes just 7 days…

1.       Minimum 30 minutes of exercise each day, no excuses
2.       Track my food and sending it to Emilia (this is something I currently do if I feel like it)

The consequences of me not making my health and well-being a priority are to great not to. Really…what am I afraid of? 

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