Injury & Excuses…

TRX is my friend 🙂 

Ever have a moment where your ninja skills didn’t quite kick in fast enough and you ate dirt? Well I did, exactly one week ago. I was visiting my Mom and between the last step and some cement I ate dirt, bad. Upon examination and x-rays I have sprained the inside and outside of my right ankle. They call it a 3rd degree 360 sprain. It is apparently worse than actually breaking your ankle and a chance that it may never heal properly. The feedback from the Dr. and my chiropractor was that my 5K on Sept 23rdis defiantly a no go. The pain has, at times, been unbearable, walking with a cane feels ridiculous and so the pity party began.

I was upset that I wasn’t allowed to run my 5K. I was upset with myself for not paying attention where I was walking. Most of all I was upset because it always feels like when I have taken a giant step forward or a few steps forward I am being shoved back.  On Friday after x-rays and a not so great visit with the Dr. I spent some time with one of my favorite peeps, Sara. I was reminded that all this is, is the universe testing my resolve and resilience to my commitments. I have a choice, I can sit down but my leg up and be beaten or I can push on. I can push through the pain, the discomfort and still work towards my goal. The 5K race on Sept 23rd is out, not all 5K races.

After many teary text messages and a conversation with Emilia, we met for a workout this morning. I was put through my paces, just as if I had full use of both feet, but not once did my ankle hurt because the workout was tailored to my injury. It felt AWESOME! It felt great to remove the excuse of “I have an injury I can’t.” Yes I can. A small set back is what this is, not the end of the world. I am lucky enough that I have surrounded myself with friends and family that remind me greatness is bread through adversity, so let’s get on with it. 

When you trust the TRX this is one hella upper body workout!
P.S – we did a weigh in and measurements this morning. Lost weight and inches still! Booyah! 

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