Emilia’s Corner: Good Days & Bad Days…

Crazy Emilia!

We all have them, it is part of being human. How you deal with your good and bad days is what’s important.
I am going to talk about the benefits of having exercise as part of your routine to be used as your outlet for helping you get through those bad days (aka stresses) and reaching the happiness we all deserve.
The most important reason is that exercise provides an effective release of negative emotions, turning these otherwise potentially unhealthy emotions into motivation for increased health and well-being. Sometimes it can be tough for us to realize this, but all we have to do is get moving for a few minutes and you will notice a difference in your mood almost instantaneously, I guarantee it.
Here are some benefits of exercise to reduce your stress:

1.      Stress Hormones
Exercise helps to decrease the hormones in your body that are there to help you cope with stress. It is a natural mood booster that can last all day. – see this link for more information on stress hormones and the causes of constant stress.
2.      It is a great source of distraction.
Sometimes, all we need is a change in scenery temporarily to take our minds off what we are thinking about and exercise is an excellent tool to use to do so. That can be anything from walking to yoga to the gym which all of these places can be a lower stress environment to help clear your mind.
3.      The shallow part: looking good = feeling good
Yes, this is a more surface level benefit but when you exercise and start to feel the changes in your body it is extremely motivating, empowering, uplifting and therefore of course it is going to increase your mood! When you look healthy (to what you feel for your body is,) it reduces your stress level immensely.
4.      Environment
We all know when you’ re in a positive environment where the people around you are all about similar values it rubs off on the other. Using exercise as a positive tool to get together with friends and family will only bring a positive attitude and therefore help to reduce your stress levels. Make it a consistent commitment and the gains will be even greater.
5.      Immunity
While stress can cause illness, it is important to have exercise in your life. It helps to increase your immune system, which helps to ward off sickness such as the common cold or flu’s.
6.      Resilience
This by far is my favorite reason for having exercise in my life.  The more frequent you exercise and associate exercise as a positive factor in your life, the more resilient you become to your daily stresses and less affected by them!
To me that is so important, because it is so easy to get into a funk, you need that key go to positive outlet that will help you be the person you are meant to be.
If anyone has questions on exercise please feel free to drop me a line:
Yours in health,

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