Yesterday I was served with a beautiful reminder…

When I am working out with my trainer, we are in a gym that is strictly for trainers who are training clients. For a few months now, every Monday I get to admire a we like to call Superman. I know his real name, but another female trainer told me they refer to him as Superman, which seemed far more fitting. Now, when Superman arrives there is an extra pep in my step, my form is normally spot on and I push myself a little bit harder than normal, let’s face it Superman is around. Why do we call him Superman? Well, he is a tall terribly handsome Italian gentleman, who looks exactly like Clark Kent, but when we watch him train, you know he is training because secretly in the night he puts on those tights and red cape, taking off those dark framed glasses and he saves the world.

Now, I have come to learn that Superman is in fact married, with 3 children. No worries, because every girl loves window shopping even though there is no intent to be Lois Lane. I had this picture in my mind of who/what his wife would look like and today I got to see her. Turns out she trains at the same time as him sometimes. I was expecting to see this image I had in my head of someone I thought Superman would pick and I was wrong. Superman’s wife is a stunningly beautiful plus size woman.  Between sets they stole kisses and Superman has in fact found his Lois Lane.

I was reminded that beauty is not found in a type, style or assumption of who you think you should be or what you think you should look like. Beauty is found inside and it glows out. Every guy is Superman and he is just looking for his Lois Lane that radiates her super powers from the inside out. 

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