Fresh Start…

PrintMy weight loss journey has come to a screeching halt since my father’s passing in August of last year. This was a loss that I used as a really great excuse to fall of the wagon and in fact go backwards. I took some time off from my training sessions with the ladies of Seva Fitness, Taren and Emilia. Emilia never quite disappeared though. Once a week I would get a phone call, we’d chat and each week I could feel her strength and support. Work stress was reaching epic proportions at the time and I was drug out for lunch with these ladies and I realized how much I missed them and how much my body missed the exercise…..I missed RUNNING. *sigh* I love to run, never thought that would come out of my mouth.

Fresh start. Seva Fitness has once again laid out the “30 Day Holiday Hangover Fitness Challenge” and I accepted. February 1 the torture from Taren & Emilia begins and as nervous as I am, the excitement is greater. Being back in the gym, getting my sweat on, hearing Taren yell “What are you stopping for, KEEP GOING!” and as much as you want to hit her you keep going. Being a part of a community that on a bad day, is there to support you.

Fresh start…GO!


New Beginnings, Fresh Starts, New Year…

Thank you Pintrest for the photo :)

Thank you Pintrest for the photo 🙂

Ok so technically not the new year, but within the first month of the new year…

After a year that was less than kind and just down right horrific in some instances I made the decision to do something that I have never done. Those that know me, know that I love making me some New Year’s resolutions. I love that on January 1 you have 365 days to wake up, take names, and generally kick a**.  With everything I went through last year and after a couple conversations with some friends I decided that this year I was not going to make any. I got tired of writing out a list of things or actions that I never quite reach and decided that Jan. 1 doesn’t define a new year, good bad or ugly. It is just a day.

This year instead of resolutions I am going to take more risks, embrace new beginnings and fresh starts. I want to make a conscious effort to spent more time doing the things that mean the most to me. I want to be a better friend, a better sister, a better daughter, a better aunt, a better person.

Now you might be asking “Well that’s great, show me”, have had that same thought myself. I am the Queen B of starting things and not following through. Those of you that follow me on this blog can attest to that, and I thank you for your patience.  This isn’t about doing it perfectly, but…

Risk #1. I have been working in the world of retail management for quite a few years. It is where I was comfortable, safe and where I could hide. It is also where I am miserable. Not being able to spend Christmas with family because you aren’t allowed to take vacation after September. Always having to be available if something goes wrong at the store, not having evenings or weekends with all of my other friends that have Saturday and Sunday off.  So I left. I left a well paying, comfortable management position because what I want is my life back.

New beginnings and fresh starts ahead!