Fresh Start…

PrintMy weight loss journey has come to a screeching halt since my father’s passing in August of last year. This was a loss that I used as a really great excuse to fall of the wagon and in fact go backwards. I took some time off from my training sessions with the ladies of Seva Fitness, Taren and Emilia. Emilia never quite disappeared though. Once a week I would get a phone call, we’d chat and each week I could feel her strength and support. Work stress was reaching epic proportions at the time and I was drug out for lunch with these ladies and I realized how much I missed them and how much my body missed the exercise…..I missed RUNNING. *sigh* I love to run, never thought that would come out of my mouth.

Fresh start. Seva Fitness has once again laid out the “30 Day Holiday Hangover Fitness Challenge” and I accepted. February 1 the torture from Taren & Emilia begins and as nervous as I am, the excitement is greater. Being back in the gym, getting my sweat on, hearing Taren yell “What are you stopping for, KEEP GOING!” and as much as you want to hit her you keep going. Being a part of a community that on a bad day, is there to support you.

Fresh start…GO!

One thought on “Fresh Start…

  1. Hey Nikki I found you through Pinterest, and then started reading your blog. I am proud of you for doing this, and am myself on a weight loss journey after having my son now 3 years ago. It is funny how easily the pounds can creep up on you, and how hard it is to get rid of them. Motivation is a hard thing to keep and something I struggle with daily, especially when looking after kids and staying at home for my job everyday. Good for you for being so positive and so open. You look great and hearing your blog motivates me. Keep it up!
    Your long lost cousin
    Sarah 🙂

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