I’ve Been Dating!

Grow a set of BALLS!

Grow a set of BALLS!

OK….this is a bit of a sensitive subject, a bit ranty and if you are finicky about language…consider this your warning.

I have openly shared myself on this blog and I make no effort to hide the fact that I am a plus size curvy girl. I love my curves and so far in the work I have done, my hips and my bootie ain’t going nowhere and I am proud of that! I am learning to love myself no matter the size, part of that is putting yourself out into the dating world. I have never had any problem meeting men. I have been asked out in coffee shops, grocery stores and other various venues. I have been on some really great dates and some really horrible dates, as have most women.

Before any date comes the pep talk of how beautiful I am, how he has already seen me, he is well aware of what I look like and I got this, so me and my curves go out on dates. Here is what I have discovered in the countless dates I have been on. Guys….love a curvy girl with meat on her bones in the bedroom or the comfort of their apartment, but out in public all they want is the woman who’s ass looks good in a pair of LuLu’s.

I have been seeing this one guy in particular for a few weeks. He happens to be a  nutritionist and in the process of becoming a personal trainer. I even remember having the thought “Wow, I totally judged a book by it’s cover because I thought guys like him only dated other perfectly fit human beings.” My bad. It shocked both of us how well we hit it off. Our days were filled with countless text messages, phone calls and long conversations getting to know one another. I knew he was making me twitter pated because I was not telling any of my friends about him, this is my tell-tale sign for, I like him.  Then I realized we had only been out in public together once, our first date.  So, I did what I feel any normal girl would do, I asked to meet out in public somewhere and was met with a “no” or a “it’s late let’s just hang at your place or mine.” When I began to gently press the issue I was met with the text in the photo.

I cried for about a day and then I began to think about it. What a M*TH#RF*CK!NG PU&&Y! So…for all those guys out there that prefer a curvy girl with meat on her bones but keep her hidden because you are embarrassed about what your friends or society might think… grow a set of BALLS! You don’t deserve her in the first place!

Every woman, no matter her size, shape, color, condition, race, age, and any other distinguishing factor, deserves to be treated with the same care and respect that she is treating you with. If you are ashamed or worried about what your friends think then you don’t deserve her. I pray she is smart enough to find someone man enough to treat her like the queen she is. As for the douche in this text…thank you for teaching me this lesson.

To punctuate my rant I found this amazing post on YouTube, enjoy!

Delicious Cup of Yummy

A delicious cup of yummy!

A delicious cup of yummy!

Now as most of you know I have been dealing with this food addiction issues and one of the things I am looking at changing is my cravings for sweets (sugar!) and giving into those cravings. In all of my reading recently, and I apologize I can’t find the exact website, it talked about when craving something sweet, replace it with a piece of fruit or a flavored tea, so I decided to give it a whirl.

I have been a fan of David’s Tea for about a year now and although coffee is my first love, a few months ago I made the switch to tea for my afternoon pick-me-up, or a herbal tea usually before bed.  For the last month and a bit, whenever I am craving something sweet I replace it with a cup of tea and it HAS WORKED! I manage to trick my brain! LOVE IT!

Ever since I was little I have been ADDICTED to Root Beer soda, in fact anything root beer flavored and I would eat it.  So, when I received David’s Tea email telling me about their “Carnival Collection” and I saw a “Root Beer Float” flavored tea I was curious, so when they launched a week ago, off I went.  I have yet to experience poor customer service in any location I go into so when I was smelling the collection a recommendation was made to try the Root Beer Float tea in the form of an Iced Tea Latte. I WAS HOOKED, it seriously tastes better than the real thing!

The tea itself is made up of cinnamon, black tea, white chocolate, sarsaparilla, safflower petals and natural flavoring. I steep about 2 tsp is 1.5 water, mix in a little almond milk, pour over ice cubes and enjoy my little cup of yummy! SO GOOD! If you are a closet root beer lover, but don’t want all the sugar in a can of pop, give this a whirl, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Other favorites from David’s Tea include: Read My Lips (chocolate mint), Mint Chocolate Rooibos, Forever Nuts (almonds & beetroot) and Cinnamon Rooibos Chai (cinnamon & orange).

Now if you will excuse me I have to go drink my iced tea!Root Beer Float 2