Delicious Cup of Yummy

A delicious cup of yummy!

A delicious cup of yummy!

Now as most of you know I have been dealing with this food addiction issues and one of the things I am looking at changing is my cravings for sweets (sugar!) and giving into those cravings. In all of my reading recently, and I apologize I can’t find the exact website, it talked about when craving something sweet, replace it with a piece of fruit or a flavored tea, so I decided to give it a whirl.

I have been a fan of David’s Tea for about a year now and although coffee is my first love, a few months ago I made the switch to tea for my afternoon pick-me-up, or a herbal tea usually before bed.  For the last month and a bit, whenever I am craving something sweet I replace it with a cup of tea and it HAS WORKED! I manage to trick my brain! LOVE IT!

Ever since I was little I have been ADDICTED to Root Beer soda, in fact anything root beer flavored and I would eat it.  So, when I received David’s Tea email telling me about their “Carnival Collection” and I saw a “Root Beer Float” flavored tea I was curious, so when they launched a week ago, off I went.  I have yet to experience poor customer service in any location I go into so when I was smelling the collection a recommendation was made to try the Root Beer Float tea in the form of an Iced Tea Latte. I WAS HOOKED, it seriously tastes better than the real thing!

The tea itself is made up of cinnamon, black tea, white chocolate, sarsaparilla, safflower petals and natural flavoring. I steep about 2 tsp is 1.5 water, mix in a little almond milk, pour over ice cubes and enjoy my little cup of yummy! SO GOOD! If you are a closet root beer lover, but don’t want all the sugar in a can of pop, give this a whirl, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Other favorites from David’s Tea include: Read My Lips (chocolate mint), Mint Chocolate Rooibos, Forever Nuts (almonds & beetroot) and Cinnamon Rooibos Chai (cinnamon & orange).

Now if you will excuse me I have to go drink my iced tea!Root Beer Float 2

One thought on “Delicious Cup of Yummy

  1. Brent has the same problem and in his research he found a recipe for easy, healthy, homemade chocolate. It’s just coconut oil, cacao powder, and stevia/xylitol/honey/dates (any kind of sweetener you want. After just one piece, the coconut oil goes straight to your liver (which is where the craving is coming from) to give it the energy boost it needs but if you use a healthy, substitute sugar, then it will give your body all the goodness and none of the badness! We’re going to post the recipe on our website!

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