Down and Dirty 30 – Day 14

This made me giggle on Pinterest

This made me giggle on Pinterest

Well I am quickly approaching the half way mark through my 30 day challenge! Although I am certain this is going to be longer than 30 days in length, this was about 30 days of conscious, on the court action and holy moly has it ever been!

Yesterday was a great day! I did really great with eating. Staying under my 100g of sugar a day has not been an issue for the past 4 days, which makes me very excited. It reminds me of when I gave up salt. A while back my Mumma was diagnosed with an inner ear disorder which causes her to have ridiculously bad vertigo and one of the ways she controls it is through controlling her sodium intake. Me being the nosey parker started looking into the effects of a lot of sodium and decided to cut way back with her. Holy bananas! Talk about tasting what food really tastes like for the very first time. Reducing my sodium to less than 15oomg a days has been amazing and now I can not eat anything that comes packaged, or if I do I require so much water afterwards! Sugar has been like that. I used to drink the really sweetened drinks from Starbucks and, now 14 days in, I forgot to say half sweet yesterday, I couldn’t even finish the drink. This makes me happy!

I spent the day yesterday doing some serious apartment cleaning, I have gone through virtually every cupboard, drawer and closet I have and thrown out or donated so much stuff, yes I did this again. Clearing the clutter allowing new and exciting this to come in. I forgot to take a photo of my Fitbit and it has reset for today 😦 Last I looked I was at the 5000 step mark for yesterday.

Today I am joining an exercise class downstairs during lunch hour, this should be laugh worthy as my hand eye co-ordination has been virtually none existent, but I am all about switching it up and trying something new!

Sunday - Day 14

Sunday – Day 14

Down and Dirty 30 – Week 2 Recap…

Thank you Pinterest

Thank you Pinterest

Ever had one of those weeks where you set out with the best of intentions, but nothing goes as planned? That was my week last week. I didn’t completely throw it out the window, but my type A personality defiantly reared it’s ugly head.

I also believe that a part of it was, week 1 went so well and I was feeling good, going into week 2 I got a little cocky and a little arrogant. Knowing that I was going to be facing a difficult week of the health front, I thought that the same amount of planning would be sufficient, nope it needed more. Feeling like I failed is a feeling I am very familiar with and I have been fighting that feeling all week, and winning on some days, losing on others. All that is ok. Fall down 1000 times, but get back up because each time you get back up is the time that it might stick and I refuse to give up.

For week 3, I have my meals planned and some prep completed. I have moved my “cheat meal” to accommodate a day in my week where it is out of the usual and as much as I am sitting here typing this, feeling like I am sounding like a broken record of ups and downs, wins and fails, I don’t care because I gave my word and I am not giving up.

Week 3 has a lot of exercise planned in to it, so stay tuned! I have also created a calender to help with motivation and tracking. You will get to see that in tomorrow’s post!


Down and Dirty 30 – Day 10

Bit of a rough morning on my front 😦 Warning, there is a bit of a queeze invoking photo at the end of this post.

Yesterday proved a bit more challenging than I anticipated, but I did survive! I had my scalp biopsy yesterday afternoon, which took me out the rest of the day. Picture the freezing your receive at the dentist and now take that feeling to your scalp, it was quite bizarre. Overall the procedure was quick, easy and painless and I didn’t look anywhere near the scalped zombie I had pictured in my head. Note to others, do not Google scalp biopsy images before going for this procedure, it makes your anxiety level a thousand time worse! As the freezing came out the pain quickly set in and I didn’t move from my couch until I climbed into bed for the night. Whenever I stood up I was met with that woozy, seeing spots, might pass out feeling, so I didn’t go far or move much. I am glad it is over and I look forward to getting the results and hopefully having an answer to what is going on.

For this reason, sadly there is nothing to report on the exercise front. I am glad to have this behind me and no longer having the brain occupied with pictures of Zombie scalping’s!

Apologies if this offends anyone....

Apologies if this offends anyone….


Down and Dirty 30 – Day 9


Thank you Pinterest!

Good Morning Everyone!

This one will be kept short and sweet. Yesterday (Tuesday) did not go according to plan. I had a great day up until I was on my way home….then it sunk in that this afternoon I will be having two small portions of my scalp removed. Click this here if you are curious why.

As I was heading home the fear and terror began to set in. Ever since I can remember my pain tolerance level has been non-existent, I admit it yes, I am a big baby when it comes to pain! They will be freezing my scalp today and punching out two small sections to send for testing, not a huge deal….until you “Google it.” How do I cope with fear, well yesterday….it was anything pumpkin flavored. I did log everything in MyFitnessPal and I went over my calorie goal by  733cal and did no exercise. Did I get stuck in a little bit of a shame cycle afterwards, yup, but then I owned up to it and why and am choosing to move forward. I knew days like this were going to happen, I was hoping that there wouldn’t be so many of them, but it is part of the process.

The silver lining….the scale down in the gym is accurate. The last time I weighed myself was 3 weeks ago and according to the scale on Monday I have lost 11lbs. So that makes me happy 🙂 I am going in the right direction!

Today is going to bring a mix of emotions and I have one of my BFF’s joining me today for support! I have planned all my meals accordingly so I feel well prepared…..stay tuned for tomorrow!

Down and Dirty 30 – Day 7 & 8…

Thank you Google

Thank you Google

Why are Day 7 and 8 combined you may ask?….Yesterday was one of those Monday’s where as soon as I turned on my work phone the proverbial sh*t hit the fan and it was go time, so I had no time to hit my little post button. I remembered just before lunch, but was then distracted with a phone call and then remembered again at around 8 last night and decided I will just combine the two days.

Sunday went a lot better than Saturday! I kept myself occupied with a project where I purged out drawers and cupboards I haven’t touched in quite some time. It felt great to organize, I also think that it was a little bit of a mental cleansing as well, you know…clear out the old and make room for the new that is coming into your life? Wow, am I glad that quotes of the world are not left up to me! Lol. Wanna see what it looks like when you forget to put your Fitbit on till after lunch time? Wanna know what I sound like when I realize I forgot to put my Fitbit on? Well for the first one; go have a look down below at Sunday’s photo and for the second….my Mumma reads my posts, so I can’t. But I will say although I am an educated woman, I once again displayed the vocabulary of a sailor. Exercise wise I went for a walk and did some yoga! I have discovered that my brain has a very difficult time “relaxing” during yoga. Does anyone else find this? I did really well with eating on Sunday. I suppose there was a big of guilt around Saturday so I was trying to “make up for it” a little bit. I did awesome and stayed under my 100g of sugar!

Monday was a whole different ball game. As mentioned, it was one of those days that whatever could go wrong, did. I was smart and when for my walk/power walk/job thing I do at lunch and it was a way to de-stress at bit over lunch. There were points throughout the day that I had to have a serious conversation with myself and not go downstairs to the café for a cookie, or worse, across the street to Tim Horton’s for a doughnut! By the end of the day I was both exhausted from work and the conversations with myself to stop the eating. I ate myself within an inch of my goal for the day. I was very thankful for the season premiere of The Voice! I freakin’ love that show and HELLO…Pharrell AND Gwen Stefani! I am still struggling to reach my 10,000 steps a day because so much of my job is sitting at a desk, I have taken to standing a points throughout the day, which I am convinced creeps my coworkers out, but none have said anything J The days I do Yoga it is even worse because Fitbit doesn’t measure that…..I may have to add in an evening stroll after dinner….stayed tuned for how I choose to tackle this…

On a pleasant note…I stepped on the scale in the gym downstairs in our office and it showed a very promising number! A little to promising, almost impossible promising, so stay tuned as our office receptionist is going to test it out for me in the morning to see if it lied or if I did really well last week!


Sunday – Day 7


Monday- Day 8

Down and Dirty 30 – Day 6/Week 1 Recap

2014-09-06 15.31.18_WhiteHonesty time…yesterday (Day 6) did not go according to plan, a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. I had a house guest Friday night and I never seem to sleep quite as well when there is someone else in my apartment. I got up in the morning with the best of intentions and things were shaping up great, but at around 2:30 in the afternoon I hit a wall of peanut butter, bread and slices of banana.  After about an hour of snacking on this throughout that hour I sat back and immediately the Drill Sgt that lives in my head began his performance. Knowing this is never a good path to travel down I fessed up and called a friend for support. Quickly talked it through and discovered that bread is no longer allowed in the four walls of my apartment. Of all the things to hit a wall on, those are not the worst, but a loaf of bread combined with a jar of peanut butter in my house is a bad idea and has “trigger” written all over it, so in a drastic measure the loaf of bread was thrown into the garbage.  The peanut butter peacefully resided in my house all week, but when I brought the loaf of bread in yesterday to make poached eggs for breakfast this morning, the 2 of them conspired.  Bread no more! The win for me, was not staying in the tailspin of eating, reaching out and taking action! I then debated if I was still going to have my cheat meal and the answer was yes.

Curious what it was? When you read what it was the thought will probably me “Really?” All week I was flipping between two different things, and I finally rested on one. I had some cheezy garlic breadsticks and chicken wings from Panago Pizza. I took the time to savor and enjoy them and you want to know something funny, when you slowly eat the food you think you previously enjoyed….it doesn’t taste that great. I was immediately reaching for water afterwards because everything tasted so salty. I would say I regretted my choice, I don’t see why I enjoyed eating that previously. An hour later, my body made me well aware of the dislike for that food. The discomfort was not pleasant.

Week 1 was a week of learning, observing and doing. I fell down, got up and brushed myself off. This coming week is going to bring new challenges and the goal is to fall down a little less and get up a little quicker. Giving up my mentality of having to do it “perfectly” is one of the hardest mind challenges I am facing. Being 100% honest and accountable with all of you defiantly helps, so thanks for sticking around week 1 and let’s suit up for week 2!

Down and Dirty 30 – Day 5….

Thank you Pinterest

Thank you Pinterest

This post is going up a little late, but such is weekend life!

I am sitting here drinking my yummy juice reflecting on yesterday… I will simply say I am becoming intimately acquainted with how food is attached to my feelings at any given time. As well as ensuring that I am doing this journey for me and not trying to get somewhere or impress somebody or seek validation for something has been on my mind. I want to be clear that I am doing this for me, only me and not some external person, place or thing.

We had a pool party last week with all the people in the office and a bunch of the photos went up in our staff kitchen. I came around the corner, saw the pictures of myself and instantly wanted to rip each and every one of them down. Then I found myself getting irritated that no one asked if I was ok with having pictures of me up. Then I wanted to grab some chocolate or chips to make myself feel better. On my short walk to the bus stop to get home I realized how much of a mean, self centered, a**hole I was being and mostly to myself. So what if that is what I look like. So what if those pictures are there for the people in our office to see. So what, so what, so what, so what! I am choosing to use the pictures as motivation, because I will not stay there. I want to be able to look at a picture of myself and smile and be happy. I want to be able to have confidence when I know others are going to see me in a bathing suit. No one else’s opinion of me matters, only my own and that is the one that I have chosen to work on in this challenge.

I squeezed in just under my calorie target for the day. This bothered me a little bit because my goal was to not eat ALL of my calories earned during exercise, but it is week one and each week will improve!  I am starting to have to take all my reading and research on food choices and meal planning and use it in on the court action, it is a different experience, I still came in under that is the win! Sugar didn’t fair so well, going over my goal finishing at 110g, 3/5 days this week I have gone over.  Conscious eating is far different than unconscious eating.

Fitness happened thanks to the help of some of my co-workers. I was debating on going down to the gym in our building for cardio at lunch or after work, so I let me co-workers decided and off I went over lunch. I am so thankful I did because going to the gym Friday afternoon after work, not the best idea. I am struggling to hit my goal of 10,000 steps a day given how much I sit at a desk for my job, 2/5 days so far this week. My goals for the coming week, to tackle this struggle, are 3/6 days over 10,000 steps and the remaining 3 days over 8,000 steps!

I am so excited for my cheat meal tonight! I already know what I am having 🙂

Day 5 - Friday

Day 5 – Friday

Down and Dirty 30 – Day 4….

My dear friend Tiffany sent this to me - thank you Internet for the photo :)

My dear friend Tiffany sent this to me – thank you Internet for the photo 🙂

Holy hell….yesterday was a tough day. I was fighting incredibly sore muscles, lack of sleep, a busy day at work and just an overall general attitude of “I just want to go home and curl up on the couch.” It would be very easy for me to blame it on the gloomy, rainy weather here in Vancouver, but I kind of like the rain! Yes, I am one of those people! I also have a seriously passionate relationship with winter and the snow, also happens to contain my favorite holiday…Christmas. Ok enough of the side thoughts….

I called my mom on my way home from work, vented about the day and remembered a photo a dear friend of mine sent me earlier in the day. It was time to suit up and kick some ass. I changed and put on my runners to go out and get those steps, the rain had cleared a bit, so off I went. I didn’t get too far before the heavens opened up and it started to pour, and in what was clearly a blonde moment, I did not take an umbrella with me. I hid out under an awning till it cleared up before making the dash home, so alas you can see the lack of steps on the Fitbit. I did compensate with just under an hour of Yoga and boy did my muscles thank me.

Nutrition-wise I did pretty good! For the last two days I have been able to stay under 100g of sugar! This has made me a very happy camper. I have started to drink my coffee, half sweet and cut back on my fruit intake. The coffee part has been easy, taste buds are adjusting, cutting back on my fruit intake has been so hard.  I love fruit! I refuse to cut fruit out completely but believe it may be left to my morning shakes only.  I also discovered a seriously addicting new recipe, last night I was craving French fries in a bad bad way, so I made Baked Polenta Fries, I love Pinterest! I will share the recipe below.

I am excited to tackle today, but there is this little voice in my head concerned about the weekend. This is historically when I fall off the wagon, cause I am out of my work routine and come up with some really great excuses to “cheat”. Yes, I have my cheat meal for Saturday night all planned! My goal is to stay focused and fill my weekend up with activities and projects. Stay tuned for my weekend posts to see how I do …

Day 4 Results

Day 4 Results


Click this link for the super yummy Baked Polenta Fries recipe I found on Pinterest!

Down and Dirty 30 – Day 3…

Day 3

Day 3

Good morning peeps!

So yesterday I found myself struggling a bit with a couple good problems to have….I think.

I have had 3 solid days or exercise and yesterday, although eating, found myself legitimately hungry. Nutrition has always been a struggle, eating the right amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates because I know this plays a part. I am also struggling to learn this whole Myfitnesspal calories goal, calories consumed minus exercise equals net and having it linked with my fitbit. I spent the better part of 2 hours last night reading posts, about to give up when finally I found a response to a post that broke it down “Barney” style for me. My net calories should always be equal to or less than my goal, but not too much less or my body goes into starvation mode. I also realized that I had not updated my goals since about 1.5 years ago so I did that and a light bulb moment, why I was starving made a bit more sense, off to the kitchen for a tablespoon of peanut butter and almonds,  I was under my calorie goal, but didn’t want to eat that before bed. I have made the decision to search for a nutritionist in the Vancouver area, so if you know of a great one please comment below!

I have had 3 solid days of 30-60 mins of exercise. I got out of bed this morning and walking, showering, and getting dressed were not easy tasks! I sunk my achy body to the floor and began to roll out my muscles and swear words began to exit my mouth, thank lord I live alone. I was a lady with the vocabulary of a well-educated sailor. I reached my step goal with 10,450 steps! Yay! The last thing I feel like doing today is exercising, but I know that you just have to keep going, so that is what I will do!

I walked in to an office full of bite size and king size chocolate bars this morning, devil on my shoulder….

Down and Dirty 30…


Thank you Pinterest for the photo!

Thank you Pinterest for the photo!

I have laid down the gauntlet with myself that I am now calling my “Down & Dirty 30 Challenge.” I have been a woman of mostly “all talk, no action.” You can look  back at previous posts and see that there are posts similar in nature about doing this, doing that and then not doing it. Wa Wa. DONE!Starting on September 15 my Down & Dirty 30 Challenge began. Here is what it involves..

  1. 30 days of on the court, in action, take steps moving my health and fitness forward
  2. No less than 30 mins of activity every day except for Saturday
  3. Eating within my nutrition plan with the exception of Saturday afternoon, where I will not completely throw the week out the window but for one meal I will not worry about calorie content, fat content, sugar content etc. I will enjoy this meal.
  4. I will write a post at the end of every day, posted the following morning, with how that day went. The good, the bad and the ugly. The glorious wins and epic fails, because there will be fails.

The goal is not to have a perfect 30 days. The goal is to start forming the healthy habits that will move me towards the total health transformation I am want.

Tools I am using…

  1. My Fitbit – the goal is 10,000 steps a day
  2. The app MyFitnessPal. The goal is 1800 calories of a healthy, well balanced nutritious meals each day. This app, in conjunction with my Fitbit will track everything that I need it too
  3. Blog Posts – sharing with everyone opens up my world to suggestions, recommendations and a community of people that encourage and support

How have Monday and Tuesday gone?

On Monday… I finished at 2114 calories. I epically failed at staying under 100g of sugar finishing at 142g. I am not worrying about refined vs natural at this point the goal is simply under 100g. Sugar for me is my kryptonite. The goal at the end of the 2 week mark is 50g or less. In the exercise department I did awesome! Finishing at 10,138 steps! I took all my exercise stuff to work with me and on my lunch I changed and headed out for a walk along the Coal Harbour portion of the seawall.

On Tuesday… I finished at 2148 calories, and only 94g of sugar! This resulted in a small dance being performed in my kitchen. Finding the balance between carbs, fat and protein is a focus. In the exercise department, I spend about 95% of my day sitting, so the goal in this challenge is to MOVE! Today I had a client meeting on the other end of downtown and I was secretly hoping to take the skytrain, bus or even a taxi (insert lazy grumble here), but my awesome boss was coming with me and we walked, both ways, it was perfect. I came home and completed 30mins of a yoga DVD and my legs they were a shakin! Afterwards I felt so good and my muscles I am sure will thank me tomorrow. According to my Fitbit, finishing the day at 8855 steps, I seriously contemplated pulling on my sneakers and walking around the block a few times, but as I am typing this it is 10.45pm and sleep is winning the battle. For 4 months I was barely cracking 3500 steps a day so I am happy with this progress!

The goal is not to be perfect, I know there are days that will not go according to plan. The goal is 30 days of down and dirty on the court in

action. I hope you stick around for all 30 days 🙂

Once again, I would like to thank Pinterest :)

Once again, I would like to thank Pinterest 🙂