Down and Dirty 30…


Thank you Pinterest for the photo!

Thank you Pinterest for the photo!

I have laid down the gauntlet with myself that I am now calling my “Down & Dirty 30 Challenge.” I have been a woman of mostly “all talk, no action.” You can look  back at previous posts and see that there are posts similar in nature about doing this, doing that and then not doing it. Wa Wa. DONE!Starting on September 15 my Down & Dirty 30 Challenge began. Here is what it involves..

  1. 30 days of on the court, in action, take steps moving my health and fitness forward
  2. No less than 30 mins of activity every day except for Saturday
  3. Eating within my nutrition plan with the exception of Saturday afternoon, where I will not completely throw the week out the window but for one meal I will not worry about calorie content, fat content, sugar content etc. I will enjoy this meal.
  4. I will write a post at the end of every day, posted the following morning, with how that day went. The good, the bad and the ugly. The glorious wins and epic fails, because there will be fails.

The goal is not to have a perfect 30 days. The goal is to start forming the healthy habits that will move me towards the total health transformation I am want.

Tools I am using…

  1. My Fitbit – the goal is 10,000 steps a day
  2. The app MyFitnessPal. The goal is 1800 calories of a healthy, well balanced nutritious meals each day. This app, in conjunction with my Fitbit will track everything that I need it too
  3. Blog Posts – sharing with everyone opens up my world to suggestions, recommendations and a community of people that encourage and support

How have Monday and Tuesday gone?

On Monday… I finished at 2114 calories. I epically failed at staying under 100g of sugar finishing at 142g. I am not worrying about refined vs natural at this point the goal is simply under 100g. Sugar for me is my kryptonite. The goal at the end of the 2 week mark is 50g or less. In the exercise department I did awesome! Finishing at 10,138 steps! I took all my exercise stuff to work with me and on my lunch I changed and headed out for a walk along the Coal Harbour portion of the seawall.

On Tuesday… I finished at 2148 calories, and only 94g of sugar! This resulted in a small dance being performed in my kitchen. Finding the balance between carbs, fat and protein is a focus. In the exercise department, I spend about 95% of my day sitting, so the goal in this challenge is to MOVE! Today I had a client meeting on the other end of downtown and I was secretly hoping to take the skytrain, bus or even a taxi (insert lazy grumble here), but my awesome boss was coming with me and we walked, both ways, it was perfect. I came home and completed 30mins of a yoga DVD and my legs they were a shakin! Afterwards I felt so good and my muscles I am sure will thank me tomorrow. According to my Fitbit, finishing the day at 8855 steps, I seriously contemplated pulling on my sneakers and walking around the block a few times, but as I am typing this it is 10.45pm and sleep is winning the battle. For 4 months I was barely cracking 3500 steps a day so I am happy with this progress!

The goal is not to be perfect, I know there are days that will not go according to plan. The goal is 30 days of down and dirty on the court in

action. I hope you stick around for all 30 days 🙂

Once again, I would like to thank Pinterest :)

Once again, I would like to thank Pinterest 🙂

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