Down and Dirty 30 – Day 9


Thank you Pinterest!

Good Morning Everyone!

This one will be kept short and sweet. Yesterday (Tuesday) did not go according to plan. I had a great day up until I was on my way home….then it sunk in that this afternoon I will be having two small portions of my scalp removed. Click this here if you are curious why.

As I was heading home the fear and terror began to set in. Ever since I can remember my pain tolerance level has been non-existent, I admit it yes, I am a big baby when it comes to pain! They will be freezing my scalp today and punching out two small sections to send for testing, not a huge deal….until you “Google it.” How do I cope with fear, well yesterday….it was anything pumpkin flavored. I did log everything in MyFitnessPal and I went over my calorie goal by  733cal and did no exercise. Did I get stuck in a little bit of a shame cycle afterwards, yup, but then I owned up to it and why and am choosing to move forward. I knew days like this were going to happen, I was hoping that there wouldn’t be so many of them, but it is part of the process.

The silver lining….the scale down in the gym is accurate. The last time I weighed myself was 3 weeks ago and according to the scale on Monday I have lost 11lbs. So that makes me happy 🙂 I am going in the right direction!

Today is going to bring a mix of emotions and I have one of my BFF’s joining me today for support! I have planned all my meals accordingly so I feel well prepared…..stay tuned for tomorrow!

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