Down and Dirty 30 – Day 10

Bit of a rough morning on my front 😦 Warning, there is a bit of a queeze invoking photo at the end of this post.

Yesterday proved a bit more challenging than I anticipated, but I did survive! I had my scalp biopsy yesterday afternoon, which took me out the rest of the day. Picture the freezing your receive at the dentist and now take that feeling to your scalp, it was quite bizarre. Overall the procedure was quick, easy and painless and I didn’t look anywhere near the scalped zombie I had pictured in my head. Note to others, do not Google scalp biopsy images before going for this procedure, it makes your anxiety level a thousand time worse! As the freezing came out the pain quickly set in and I didn’t move from my couch until I climbed into bed for the night. Whenever I stood up I was met with that woozy, seeing spots, might pass out feeling, so I didn’t go far or move much. I am glad it is over and I look forward to getting the results and hopefully having an answer to what is going on.

For this reason, sadly there is nothing to report on the exercise front. I am glad to have this behind me and no longer having the brain occupied with pictures of Zombie scalping’s!

Apologies if this offends anyone....

Apologies if this offends anyone….


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