Down and Dirty 30 – Week 2 Recap…

Thank you Pinterest

Thank you Pinterest

Ever had one of those weeks where you set out with the best of intentions, but nothing goes as planned? That was my week last week. I didn’t completely throw it out the window, but my type A personality defiantly reared it’s ugly head.

I also believe that a part of it was, week 1 went so well and I was feeling good, going into week 2 I got a little cocky and a little arrogant. Knowing that I was going to be facing a difficult week of the health front, I thought that the same amount of planning would be sufficient, nope it needed more. Feeling like I failed is a feeling I am very familiar with and I have been fighting that feeling all week, and winning on some days, losing on others. All that is ok. Fall down 1000 times, but get back up because each time you get back up is the time that it might stick and I refuse to give up.

For week 3, I have my meals planned and some prep completed. I have moved my “cheat meal” to accommodate a day in my week where it is out of the usual and as much as I am sitting here typing this, feeling like I am sounding like a broken record of ups and downs, wins and fails, I don’t care because I gave my word and I am not giving up.

Week 3 has a lot of exercise planned in to it, so stay tuned! I have also created a calender to help with motivation and tracking. You will get to see that in tomorrow’s post!


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