Down and Dirty 30 – Day 14

This made me giggle on Pinterest

This made me giggle on Pinterest

Well I am quickly approaching the half way mark through my 30 day challenge! Although I am certain this is going to be longer than 30 days in length, this was about 30 days of conscious, on the court action and holy moly has it ever been!

Yesterday was a great day! I did really great with eating. Staying under my 100g of sugar a day has not been an issue for the past 4 days, which makes me very excited. It reminds me of when I gave up salt. A while back my Mumma was diagnosed with an inner ear disorder which causes her to have ridiculously bad vertigo and one of the ways she controls it is through controlling her sodium intake. Me being the nosey parker started looking into the effects of a lot of sodium and decided to cut way back with her. Holy bananas! Talk about tasting what food really tastes like for the very first time. Reducing my sodium to less than 15oomg a days has been amazing and now I can not eat anything that comes packaged, or if I do I require so much water afterwards! Sugar has been like that. I used to drink the really sweetened drinks from Starbucks and, now 14 days in, I forgot to say half sweet yesterday, I couldn’t even finish the drink. This makes me happy!

I spent the day yesterday doing some serious apartment cleaning, I have gone through virtually every cupboard, drawer and closet I have and thrown out or donated so much stuff, yes I did this again. Clearing the clutter allowing new and exciting this to come in. I forgot to take a photo of my Fitbit and it has reset for today 😦 Last I looked I was at the 5000 step mark for yesterday.

Today I am joining an exercise class downstairs during lunch hour, this should be laugh worthy as my hand eye co-ordination has been virtually none existent, but I am all about switching it up and trying something new!

Sunday - Day 14

Sunday – Day 14

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