Haters Gonna Hate…

29f1f5c7f89c3baaf8994377942ad0a0I am and always have been someone that cares a little too much. I care what people think, I cry during commercials and I am way more empathetic than I need to be. Now, not all of this is bad, some of these qualities I am totally ok with….just not the caring what other people think one.

Curious about where I have been since Day 15 of my Down & Dirty 30? I had my scalp biopsy done and I came home that night in quite a bit of pain, did a little bit of emotional eating and then I logged on to see a series of comments on different posts on my blogs from some asshat in the States and I told myself that he was right. Then over the next couple of days a few friends made off the cuff comments about my posts on Facebook and I told myself “people are annoyed with my posts.” Those two thoughts combined…I used as the perfect excuse to stop writing, despite the steps forward that I was taking.

Then I was having a conversation with my dear cousin over at Moments In Mommyland and we were discussing our LOVE of all things Christmas….yes it is genetic in my family! We both have been posting about Christmas on our Facebook pages, talking about it and generally being met with unsupportive comments and remarks. She said “I don’t tell others when or how to celebrate, so why should they get to tell us.” I couldn’t possibly agree more. Later that evening I was also have a conversation with the BFF Tiffany and having a similar conversation about worrying so much about what others think, followed by watching Ann Hathaway on Ellen yesterday and here is what I concluded…

I don’t give a rats bare behind what you think about me, my posts, or my love of Christmas. If you don’t like it, don’t read it; unfriend me, unfollow me and let’s call it a day. I am sorry my posts to living a healthier life are annoying you. There is nothing you can say to me or judge me for that I probably haven’t already judged or said to myself. I am my own worst critic, we all are our own worst critic. I am tired of the mean comments taking a front seat to the good comments. Done. This is my journey.

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