Goals & Fear…

imagesYB2WJAAWRecently I have been asked as to what my goals and intentions are around my health and fitness. I promptly responded with my “a healthier, happier version of me.” That has been my standard response for about the last year until I was called out over the weekend. I could be a happier version of me at this size, hmmmm truth, so I did some thinking….

Now, it doesn’t matter what self-help book you pick up and motivational speaker you talk to, they will all tell you the same thing. Goals need to be “SMART” Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. When I look at my health and fitness in this manner I have lost my way a little bit. When I first began working with Taren and Emelia we laid out some pretty specific benchmarks, climb the Grouse Grind and complete a 5K. Both of which I did and since then I haven’t been working towards anything, I have been floundering and the scale and workouts reflect that. So last night I put pen to paper and did some brain storming and some writing.

Long Term Goals

  1. To weigh between 150-160lbs in 2 years – doing this with the Dr. prescribed 2lbs a week. According the math, I should reach this a head of the 2 year mark, but I am buffering in bad weeks (that is the smart part of it!)
  2. To be able to look in the mirror and love the reflection that is looking back at me along the way, not just when I reach the goal, but every day, regardless of the number that is on the scale

When I look at those two goals, they both scare me to bits and inspire me, but I still didn’t find my motivation for the gym….so, made a cup of tea and did a bit more thinking….

Along the Way Goals (for at least the next year)…

  1. To complete a 5k…again…running 95% of it and beat my last time (Summer 2015)
  2. To complete a 8K (Fall 2015)
  3. To complete a 10K (Spring 2016)
  4. To complete a half marathon (Summer 2016)
  5. Take up boxing/kickboxing (register by March 1, 2015)
  6. Climb the Grouse Grind (till I get my time down to less than an hour)
  7. Climb The Chief (Fall 2015)

Now, some of these I need to review with the trainers and see if they are logical, doable and all that good stuff…..part of me really wants to climb into a whole and hide because some of those I haven’t shared with anyone before. Really only Emelia knows how much I enjoy the boxing/kickboxing sessions, probably more than the running, so that is something that I want to explore, not because I have any interest in stepping into an actual ring, but because I LOVE how I feel after I take those gloves off.

So…..there….that’s it…..excuse me while I go….do my best not to hide.

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