Namaste The F*!k…

Love me some Maya Angelou

Love me some Maya Angelou

I was going through some old writings I did last night and stumbled upon a post that was one of the first I wrote, it was a good one and really hit a chord with me again. After yesterday’s post, fear almost got the better of me and my plans to go running for the first time in months almost lost out until I remembered that willing or simply wanting something to happen doesn’t make it so, you have to TAKE ACTION!

As someone that takes on my personal growth, like a hyena takes on hunting baby lions, there is one thing I have become frustrated with. This ideal seems to have developed, that to get what you want in life all you need to do is focus on it, or “manifest” it. Think positive about it, repeat positive affirmations, create a vision board, stare at it every day, be thankful, or as I like to call it…Namaste the f*@k out of that sucker!

Here’s the pitfall that I and so many have fallen victim to. “Well I Namaste’d the f*@k out of that sucker and it didn’t work. “Manifesting” is garbage, doesn’t work.”

People have used that as an excuse, YOU STILL HAVE TO TAKE ACTION. I can Namaste the f*@k out of wanting to lose weight and get healthy, but unless I am actually eating right and exercising and taking actions to move me towards that goal, praying won’t make a lick of difference. You want to win/make millions of dollars. You write a big fat cheque to yourself, you great a vision board about wealth, but did you buy a lottery ticket? Did you talk to your boss about a raise?  Did you apply for a higher paying job? You want to meet the man of your dreams. You write out a list of qualities and attributes, perhaps pull a few photos from magazines and post them. However, if you sit at home every night, don’t go out to different places and make an effort to put yourself in situations where said man may be…do you honestly think the take out delivery man is going to be the one?  Have I made my point?

The other key to this, aside from action, is your heart, mind and eyes need to be open. You need to give up all expectation of what it is going to look like. Last time I checked Brad Pitt was with Angelina Jolie, so trying to “manifest” Brad isn’t going to happen.  Kim Kardashian is still alive and well and requires her body, so if you are wishing for her body….ain’t going to happen. This simply boils down to procrastination and laziness in my eyes. I can see the scene in my head with Will Smith and his son in the Pursuit of Happyness…”If you want something, you have to go out and get it. Period.”

Taking action requires moving forward, moving in life is essential to expanding and it is when you begin to expand with your heart and mind open that, I believe, the universe aligns itself with your desires. Give up your expectations and enjoy the amazing things that come into your life.

I went running last night and after the first sprint I remembered how much I love running and have amazing it feels. So, today…all I ask is that you look at what you want in life and take one action to move you closer to that!

Apologies if that came off a bit ranty….wasn’t my intention 🙂

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