Naturopath vs. Alopecia – Round 2

Found something....

Found something….

I am writing this one in a bit of physical pain….

As most of you are aware I have been dealing with Alopecia and currently started seeking an alternate treatment plan. This came in the form of a Naturopath, was tested for food allergies and have recently taken on the daunting task of removing eggs, dairy, almonds, pineapple, ginger, flaxseed and a couple of others. Most of those have been easy to remove with the exception of eggs…..they have been my nemesis. It has been a challenge, but manageable. I am lucky to be living in Vancouver, where it is a mecca for the gluten-free, vegan population. In addition to not eating these items I have also been taking supplements supplied by my Naturopath to help heal and repair my stomach lining.

So I was dumb and decided to test the waters….

Eggs have snuck in a couple times in the form of mayonnaise or in a baked item like a muffin, but I didn’t link my upset tummy…I know not the sharpest tool in the shed at times. I hadn’t out right eaten an egg for almost a month, until one day last week I thought I would give it a “try.” All seemed well and fine, until about an hour later….the pain began and after another hour I was in intense physical pain in my tummy and the bloating was ridiculous…combined with the noise my tummy was making…I couldn’t eat anything for the rest of the day. I had no appetite and spent the day taking things like Tums and Pepto to relieve the pain.

So I was dumb again last night…yes, I know… I promise I have learnt now!

Last night I decided to test the waters with some cheese…..guess what happened…yup…same situation as the eggs. I didn’t sleep terribly well and am still feeling the effects this morning. Clearly my Naturopath was right and I no longer feel the need to prove her wrong, Sorry Dr. Akehurst! What I am reconciling for myself is that for years I had eaten those things and struggled, not really feeling the side effects because my tummy wasn’t in good shape. I also had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Ross (dermatologist) last week and my scalp and hair are improving. Although, she openly doesn’t agree with Naturopath’s and what they do, she simply said “Keep doing what you are doing, because you have some great regrowth” and we didn’t do as many injections…MORE GOOD NEWS!

What is the result of this rambling… tummy is healing, I have been working with the ladies at Seva Fitness and listening to health practitioners orders…I did some measurements on Sunday, inches have been lost, pants and shirts that didn’t previously fit are now starting to fit or fit. Being healthy has always been and still remains my number one goal – the weight loss is an added benefit. With everything going on in the media regarding Tess Holliday(Munster), it needs to stop being about size and beauty and start being about health and living a healthy life no matter size or shape.

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