Goal of the Week…

untitledI promise to come up with a catchier name, but my highly sore body, thanks to Taren @ Seva Fitness squat and leg-tastic bootcamp yesterday, has drained my brain of all creativity this morning….

I was doing something thinking and reflecting over the weekend. Last week was filled with a lot of controversy surrounding Tess Munster(Holliday), beauty, health and all that followed that storm. I weighed in…click (here) to read that post, but I was left with what’s next? I believe that it needs to stop being about beauty and size and needs to be more about health and living a health life, no matter your body or shape. So with that in mind I thought I would begin to share with you all, one thing a week that I am focusing on, working on, overcoming, improving or generally just kicking to the curb. We all have these little habits that either feed us for good or turn us to evil. These won’t be huge goals or huge obstacles to overcome, but little things that in the long run will feed into the large goals I am have previously outlined!

So….this week…..I am going to go a full 7 days without any of items on my food sensitivity/allergy list. I have done really well in this department, but eggs have been my nemesis because they are in SO MANY THINGS. There is the obvious items like most baked goods, mayonnaise and breaded/battered foods, but did you also know that eggs are used as fillers in a lot of sauces, soups, meatballs, candy and much more. I will have something with the thought of “of course there is no eggs in this” and then sure enough an hour later the tummy starts to become unhappy, I look and the words Albumin, Globulin or Ovalbumin are listed. Doh! Time to open your eyes a little wider Nikki!

This week I will be ferocious with reading labels and will kick all things eggs in the behind! My tummy will thank me for it, my Naturopath with be happy and my general overall health will thank me for it.

What is one thing this week you want to take on? Or if you have a suggestion for a catchy name for this Monday morning post leave it in the comments below!

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