Unicorns & Rainbows…

Unicorns1I am not gonna say that my week is not going according to plan, because it is…sort of. Have you ever been utterly pumped and excited to take on a week? I know sounds a bit strange given all the “I hate Monday” meme’s that fly around on a relatively regular basis. I had a great weekend and felt like I had really set myself up for success until a visit to my Doctor on Monday afternoon brought be back to reality.

I have a one of those Doctors that genuinely cares about his patients. A prescription pad is the last thing you see in his office. He will hand you a book on healthy eating, or relationship building, or pass you a free pass to a yoga class before he will write you a prescription. I went in for a referral letter for my insurance company. My Doctor does joke with me that he is the last person I see when something is wrong, if it is muscle or bone related I always go to my Chiropractor first because she is the bomb dot com and she will send me to my Doctor if need be. When I visit him I am frequently met with “What does Dr. Jim need now?” and a smile. This was the case this time as I have been having some foot trouble while running and require custom made orthotics, which require a referral letter from my Doctor. I wasn’t getting away so easy this time.

Thirty minutes later I was leaving on the verge of tears with a loving smack upside the head. It had been some time since I had seen him and he wanted to catch up, despite already being behind schedule. He wanted to know why after being on this path I was still sitting at the weight I am at. He has this way of forcing you to look in the mirror and face the facts that you don’t really want to see. It was news that I needed to hear, but it took the wind out of my sails and I went a bit pouty for the evening. I was forced to face the lies I had been telling myself. Here is what it boils down too….

  • You cannot out exercise a bad diet – 80/20 rule is a great excuse to still cheat
  • If the doctor has run the tests and there is medically nothing wrong – you aren’t doing the work
  • Living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight is nothing more than calories in vs calories out and a choice

I know that I tend to overcomplicate the process and I am done. Simple in vs out and exercise. I am removing all the gadgets, gizmos and expenses. There is no magic pair of runners, no pill, no powder or device that will do this for me. It is time to get re-acquainted with the basics and make this simple and fun again. It is just food and I can beat the addiction to it. This process is not all unicorns and rainbows, it is blood, sweat and tears. Falling down and getting back up. Never quitting and refusing to settle for anything less than the vision you have seen for yourself.

I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram and this morning @jonnystraws posted a photo with a little story and this part struck a cord…”It took my YEARS of trial and error. I didn’t wake up one day full of will power and muscle. I woke up day after day reaching for Jack Daniels saying….tomorrow.”

Time to continue the climb out of the hole, but with a different perspective! Stay tuned for Monday’s post because I am about to share something with you that I never have before…

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