I Am Gonna Hurl…..

1e2ca-114208540520948766_ib8gaeq8_cSo having an extra day off this week threw me off with my writing, so apologies, I have missed you all!

I am going to do something in this post that I have never done before, vulnerable moment….my request is you be kind and if you feel the urge to post a mean comment…don’t be a troll and move along 🙂

Everything is changing in different parts of my life, for the better, and I am handling all the change in good ways – working out instead of eating mostly – which is a huge win for me and I want to continue to move forward….

There are 2 things that I fear the most – my measurements and weight. I am someone that gets very attached to the “numbers” of weight loss and if I don’t have a week I “thought” I did it usually resulted in my taking those numbers and beating myself repeatedly with them. So I told myself a lie that went something like “I am too attached to numbers, so I am not going to keep track of those and just focus on how I feel.” Well we all know how that resulted, see this post from last week (click here) or this one (click here). So I decided to do something different. I had some great success with Weight Watchers previously so on Saturday I registered again and attended my first meeting. I was nervous and a bit shy, but there were some really great people that went out of their way to talk to me and give me little tips and tricks, it was great! So every Monday I will share my weight loss, good or bad, with you!

As a form of accountability I am going to share with you some current numbers. I am not quite ready to share my actual weight with you, still a bit of shame there, I will get there eventually, but for now this is my compromise. I was going to share with you my measurements and current photos that I took, but I forgot to take the photos, so today just some measurements. I will share some photos on Monday! I know that although the weight may not go down…the inches will. I know there will be plateaus and setbacks, but that is why I am sharing this. This is my journey and I want to share the progress good or bad, with you.  I know that sometimes because I am so hard on myself I don’t see it, so hoping that by doing this and writing down the numbers will open my eyes! So here we go…

Chest: 47” / Waist: 49” / Hips: 60” (thank you genetics) / R. Thigh: 34” / R. Calf: 19 ¾”

Writing those numbers makes me want to throw up, but I know they are also giving me the motivation I need to move forward and not stay here ANYMORE!

Also, missed my goal for this week, which has been to track for 4/7 days. I am finding the Weight Watchers mobile app FRUSTRATING to use. I mean they are a multi-billion dollar company and you can’t invest the money to have your app be equal to or superior to MyFitnessPal! I am getting the hang of it though and am right on track.

So…tell me….what is your goal for the remainder of the week? What is one thing you are going to change to move forward this week?

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