Tickled Pink….


This weekend I didn’t get half the things accomplished that I wanted too, but I did a couple things that were well worth scrapping the ol’ to do list!

I had my first weigh in with Weight Watchers bright and early Saturday morning. I was so nervous! Ladies, you will understand this….that week before your “visitor” arrives and you are retaining more water than the Hoover Dam….you want to eat everything in sight and you can go from an angel to the devil in less than 3 seconds flat….that was what I was battling my first week on the program. I was hoping for 4lbs and I lost 3.8lbs! I was tickled pink! I was very happy with my first week. For me, it is the weekly accountability of having to step on that scale and knowing that there was going to be one other person that sees it…kept me going throughout the week. When I was struggling I reached out to a few peeps that I knew could talk me off the ledge. I am excited to see what the second week brings!

It is really easy to get bogged down in the reasons and excuses for not taking action or moving an area of your life forward that you want. For the longest time I had some really great reasons and excuses for my weight. I always thought I needed to know “why?” Why did I need to eat? Why did I have to use food as a way to cope? Why? Why? Why? Why? Until that one moment Feb 2, I was sitting at home after visiting my Dr. and I simply said “I don’t care why anymore.” I just started to take the actions and the mental switch seemed to flip for me. I battled cravings last week, but for the most part the decisions to eat healthy and exercise was easy and the days they weren’t I asked for support. I know that there are going to be weeks where I gain or don’t lose as much as I had planned, but I also know that I am going to acknowledge and be ok with those weeks because I am prepared for them. Being prepared is the key…

My goal this week is…being prepared. My meals and gym bag prepped the night before, that way nothing is left to chance. I have amazing people at work and in my life that when I say “I am struggling” they step up and I am so grateful. This week being prepared and removing my excuses for not exercising at least 30 minutes a day and not staying within my points value is not even an option.

What is one thing you are celebrating from last week? What is your goal this week?




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