2 cents…

a9d3c6e6423b9b5c1056bf19d0891e46_resizedOwning my shit with yet another hot button….if there is one thing that I am learning along this journey it is that the minute I share with someone about what I am up to I am then having all sorts of facts, opinions and comments about articles they read, thrown at me. I am faced with stories about what worked for their mom, aunt, uncle, co-worker or I am being told that juicing is bad, be sure to do this, be sure to do that…..it gets a bit much.

I also have a tendency to get a tad defensive on this topic. For the longest time I would get SUPER agro- irritated whenever anyone would ask me how it was going in this area. I didn’t want to talk about it with anyone…the reason….because I was failing at it and didn’t want to acknowledge it. I didn’t like it when people acknowledged me when I had lost weight and I didn’t want people to ask me how it was going. If they did I would get my back up. You can ask anyone around me, my mother, my dear friends….they will confirm all of this.

This is me not owning my shit. This whole journey is about admitting when you f**k up, owning it, not letting it stop you, picking yourself up and moving forward. Every human has a difficult time admitting when they have failed at something. There are a lot of emotions like shame and embarrassment that come with failing and those don’t go away overnight.

I have an amazing support structure around and although I know this is a hot button for me I remind myself….they are sharing because they care and want to contribute, they want to help. I believe that part of what has made me become ok with this…sharing this with you and writing.

I read this great article on Facebook this morning by Elizabeth Gilbert and I wanted to share…

“At some point in your life, you really have to get honest about the weirdest and most damaged and most broken parts of your existence, and take responsibility for it all…lovingly, but unblinkingly. Or, as Iyanla Vanzant puts it: “I know my crazy. Do you know your crazy?” You gotta know your own crazy. Can’t own your shit without knowing your crazy. For many years, I didn’t own my shit because I didn’t KNOW my shit. If you don’t know your shit, people, then that shit will control you and make your life into Crazy Town. Until you own your shit, all you do is make excuses for the madness that is always surrounding you, while throwing blame around like confetti.”

Owning the parts of me that are broken and damaged and then repairing them.

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