Office's ok to be jealous :)

Office view…it’s ok to be jealous 🙂

Spring has defiantly arrived in Vancouver! We have had some seriously amazing weather, quite a bit of blue skies and sunshine! Yes I may have a pretty amazing view from my office at work (it’s ok to be a little jealous!). Cherry blossoms are starting and you can just smell spring in the air. I know the rest of the country is being rocked with some freezing temperatures and have heard the terms “snowmaggedon” and “snowpocalypse” being thrown around….but….if you don’t live on the west coast….ce est la vie!

This week has been an interesting one. I will not be weighing in this week with Weight Watchers and I have known this since last Saturday. Tomorrow is jam packed with appointments and work with some amazingly fun people. Hey! If you are in Vancouver and looking for an wicked, fun show to go to, come see Chronixx at The Imperial…oh wait you can’t because he is epic and it’s sold out! But…..there may be some tickets at the door, so come see me anyways! Alas I sidebar….can you tell I am excited for tomorrow!

So….I was determined this week that despite not going to weigh in and attending the meeting I was not going to let that deter me. Well…somewhere around Tuesday afternoon this little voice in my head said “F*ck it! You’ll be fine if you just stray a little…come on…” And since then my days have been met with an overage of points and a cookie that upon calculation was a shameful amount of points. Here is the positive in all of this….I know that through this journey there will be back days/weeks/periods of time. I know that like things that are important to me, you have to schedule. 9:00am-10:00am Saturdays now has a permanent appointment in my calendar. The accountability of Weight Watchers, attending those meetings and knowing that someone is going to be writing down how your week was…WORKS! I got a bit cocky having had 2 successful weeks.

I woke up this morning….missing my boyfriend terribly because he has been so ill, upset about not having had the best week with eating, tired from crappy sleeps throughout the week and just a general not wanting to get out of bed. Like most people first thing in the morning I rolled over, grabbed my phone and saw my screen saver and it was a reminder “Unless you puke, faint or die…KEEP GOING!” I kicked off the covers and was up and having an early morning dance party with Beyonce before heading to work.

You can miss your boyfriend, not have eaten great, not have had a great sleep and be dealing with all the things that life is throwing at you, but you are the only that chooses your attitude and how you respond to it. You are 100% responsible for your attitude and approach to life, so check yourself when you are miserable because it is only your own fault and you can change it in an instant!



And…in case you need a little pick me up….

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