Down & Dirty 30 – Day 2

My late night yoga session before bed - slept like a baby!

My late night yoga session before bed – slept like a baby!

So….yesterday started out a bit more emotional than I would have liked, which left me in a bit of a funk for a majority of the day. However, I refused to let it deter me from my goal. If there is one thing I am clear on it is that whenever you commit to making changes the universe will send you situations to test your resolve and you can either crumble and take back your commitment or you can rise to the occasion and show the universe how much you are committed to this change and how badly you want it. I chose to rise.

I was also faced an insanely busy day at work that left me behind schedule for my walk with a friend of mine, which left me no time to have some dinner. Not wanting to eat dinner at 9pm we stopped at our favorite coffee shop and I had what I had assumed to be a healthy wrap….boy was I mistaken! Thankfully this place posts there nutritional information and armed with 24 points left in the day I was confident I had MORE than enough points with perhaps a small snack when I got home. WRONG! This wrap was 20 points! Happy that I didn’t go over my points, but not to excited about the choice. Not much I could do at that point so off on our walk we went! I arrived home feeling inspired so I also completed 20 minutes of yoga!

Thanks to a bit of “Googling” I discovered the lag between when you upload to Fitbit and then it is uploaded to WW. My points earned for my 11,000 steps day before arrived in my WW app late yesterday morning. I am convinced that FitBit only registers “active minutes” when I am all out running. In conversation with other Fitbit users they indicated a similar frustration, so….Fitbit if you are reading this….please explain!

This evening I have a big walk planned and am hoping for 15,000 steps today so we will see how close I can get to my goal 🙂 Stay tuned for tomorrow!

Day 2

Day 2

And just in case you were looking for something to make your day a little brighter….

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