Down & Dirty 30 – Day 3

PhotoGrid_1425539799185_resized Oh boy my body is feeling it this morning! I slept through 2 alarms this morning after completing a 5.3K walk yesterday. My leg and hip muscles feel as if they have been put through the ringer and are stuck on spin cycle; and… is only day 3 with 27 days more to go! I also know that this is completely normal and it is my muscles adapting to the change, but holy! I want to curl up on the couch with a blanket and not move! Not going to happen because I have a torture session this evening with the ladies of Seva Fitness (aka personal training session). Epsom salt bubble baths will be my friend over the next few days as well as H2O hydration, which I am still struggling with!

2015-03-05 08.57.20

We are a family of FitBit’ers

Yesterday looking at my Fitbit I was so delighted to see ALL GREEN! I had my best day of the week, but surprise, surprise 41 active minutes, even though I walked just as much earlier in the week and only achieved 18 active minutes! I have gathering quite the community of friends on Fitbit and talk about motivation! My driving force right now is to get above my brother and I did that last night! Normally it doesn’t last long, but I am as of this morning so I am going to enjoy it! Sorry dear big brother! LOVE YOU! Sassy pants there is my Mom, so as you can tell we are a family of FitBit’ers.

Eating… all honesty I have been a bit hungry the last couple days and I think that is because of the increased exercise, so I am going to be making a more conscious effort to eat all of my Weight Watcher Points. If you’ve been following you will remember I was struggling to eat them all, left with 8-12 points at the end of the day. In a conversation with one of the WW reps on their 24/7 chat feature she said it really is a good idea to eat as many of the points as possible because your body needs a certain amount of fuel to function. Leaving a couple points at the end of the day is fine, but any more than 4 or 5 you really should be eating. She also noted that I am racking up the activity points so defiantly want to be eating your daily points allowance.

It is all new and I have realized that I am lucky to have the support structure around me that I do. I have co-workers that usher me away from the candy at work and only bring healthy snacks into my office. I have friends that will go for walks with me, or talk with me on the phone during an exceptionally long walk to distract me. My friends and family are always checking in and are right there if I am having a craving or a “ho hum” moment.

May be only day 3, feel like day 90, with 27 more days to go, but I am enjoying my first few days of success!


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