Down & Dirty 30 – Day 5


Love my attempt at a “duck face” in the upper right photo *facepalm*

Oh sweet sweet Jesus I made it through the week! Yesterday (Day 5) was a bit dicey for me. My body has been letting me know its displeasure with the amount of exercise, and having 4 days off from work…in the morning I quickly realized the structure that works provides….I need to plan WAY better when left to know own devices!

Day 5’s exercise was going to be nothing but 45 minutes of yoga, but a friend of mine phoned and invited me to the gym he works at and I had to say yes! I kept it pretty straight forward, did me a cross country program on the treadmill and did some weights and core exercises with my upper body. I got my sweat on on the treadmill and quickly realized that I am a bit of a fish out of water when it comes to weights. I have relied on Emilia or Taren when it came to weights. So I quickly went through the catalog of upper body moves they have had me to do and did my best to remember the basics I’ve heard them say and managed to wake up this morning with some pretty sore muscles despite feeling like I didn’t do that much. I was tickled pink to get over 10K on the ol’ Fitbit because with the state of my legs I was a little unsure of how that was going to go! I am also quite delighted that I managed to rack up 53 activity points for the week in my Weight Watchers app! That was simply thanks to syncing my Fitbit to it and adding in the exercise that I did that Fitbit didn’t register. Yay me! I have come realize that I love working out! I love the feeling of accomplishment afterwards.

One thing I quickly learnt yesterday….when leaving the house….must bring snacks or be prepared! I found myself out and about, quite hungry and also quite nervous as I didn’t want to “cheat.” I quickly remembered that the Weight Watchers app has a restaurant finder that lists points of items on the menu and quickly managed to find a Subway! It was a good lesson to learn and learnt it early on. I also realized that with some free time I found myself in the kitchen going through the cupboards. I was lucky enough to catch myself each time and quickly grabbed some water and distracted myself with other things like reading. I am still become well acquainted with the role that food as played in my life and feeling like I am waking up!

I am off to weigh in at Weight Watchers this morning and am both nervous and excited. This blogging daily takes quite a bit of time and preparation and as much as I love it……this girl needs a day off! I have a “cheat meal” planned today that I will not apologize for but I promise you I am not throwing the baby out with the bath water! I will be back Monday morning with a recap of my weigh in and how my weekend has panned out!


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