Down & Dirty 30 – Day 6 + 7

PhotoGrid_1425749094847Well….Saturday and Sunday started out with the best of intentions….

Saturday I headed out to Weight Watchers early in the morning and crushed a 2.4lbs loss! YAY!!!!! All my hard work during the week paid off! I was quite delighted! Eating….I didn’t track either day…Saturday went really well until….my BFF took me out to a movie and the combination of popcorn and M&M’s won, don’t knock it till you try it! After the movie my tummy was so ridiculously unhappy with me I had the most UNCOMFORTABLE skytrain ride home. I will leave it at that. I also managed to crush 11K on the Fitbit. I kept myself busy during the day running errands and spending time with friends.


My apology to my body Sunday evening….

Sunday arrived…the time change…I made my favorite vegan pancakes…healthy for you…until you add peanut butter and an unmeasured amount of syrup….and you eat 4 instead of your normal 2….then I picked up the handle to my little red worry wagon and I was off the to races. Click here for an explanation on the wagon. My wagon handle was ripped from my hand slightly when my dear friend Tiffany drug my sorry behind out for coffee and she gave me a timeline for how long I was allowed to hold the handle. After a dinner that has caused me a serious case of heart burn I am apologizing to my body with this delicious liver flush and I am putting down the handle to my little red wagon.

Life is never going to go according to your “plan.” Last week, work and all my exercise provided me with a really great mental distraction of some things that have been bothering me and with that structure removed this weekend I had to deal with those feelings. I attempted to eat them but my body physically can no longer tolerate it, it starts to protest! So I had a cleansing conversation with Tiffany and Angela and today is the last day to my mini vacation and I am going to have a great day. I am going to leave my little red wagon parked in the garage and I am going to kill everything on my “to do” list, including a workout!



Fitbit reading from Saturday….Sunday I barely cracked 3000 so…..


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