Down & Dirty 30 – Day 11 thru 14

Universe & Oprah made no quams about sending me messages last week!

Universe & Oprah made no quams about sending me messages last week!

Yes I know I have been a bit M.I.A. I apologize! Here is why I have been missing in action…

Those that know me, know that I am a bit of a type A personality. I am also an Aries, which makes me a bit stubborn and I take my signs “Ram” like tendencies to an extreme at times. When faced with change I have been known to dig my heels in, resist and sometimes to the determent of my health tolerate way more than I should. All last week I was faced with so much change that the easiest thing for me to do was take a step back, watch my reactions and manage them. This was very difficult for me to do, because I could feel myself battle with wanting to dig my heels in and say “no no no no no no!” What are these changes??

I have been living in my current apartment for almost 9 years. I loved the neighborhood, it is in a great location and has a lot of character! Within the last 8-12 months quite a few things have been going on with my suite though. I have had issues with no heat in some of the coldest temperatures, black mold in the bathroom, peeling roof due to water damage and lost a few hundred dollars in groceries due to multiple fridge issues. In dealing with the building on these issues I had to/have to get quite forceful to get it dealt with. Some still haven’t been dealt with. I have had more cold/flu’s this season than I have in my life, although not souly due to this, but coming home to a cold moldy environment doesn’t help. I forced myself to make the decision to move and so I am…IN 2 WEEKS! I found and fell in love with the place so fast and I wasn’t expecting it to go that quickly and my new landlady is so lovely! I am so excited for the new space. I was then faced with having to have a difficult conversation with landlord, and start to look at moving….to a smaller space….with 9 years of accumulated stuff! The tears crept in a couple times.

So last week resulted in 3 days where eating well was not my top priority! I spent the weekend purging so much stuff that the guy at the Salvation Army next to me said “Wow! You come here lots this weekend!” I simply smiled and said “Still more to come!” I had to draw some hard lines in the sand about what I can take and not take with me as the space is a bit smaller. This is a huge change for me. There are changes going on at work, some other personal changes going on, all while also taking on changing my eating and exercise habits. Also last week I was dealing with a knee that was not having any part of exercise.

If there is one constant in life, it is change. Change for me was always met with food because I don’t handle change that well. Yes last week I let stress win a couple times and food slipped in as the way to appease the anxiety, but when I really look back….the food didn’t work. I have spent so much time healing my stomach from the poor eating that all it really did was give me a tummy ache and wicked heartburn. Shutting people out, didn’t work. Ignoring messages from my mom, didn’t work. What worked was talking through the stress/concerns/worry with a friend. Getting them out of my head and allowing them to contribute and support me through all this change.

The universe was pretty clear with messages last week regarding the change in my life. Standing in the line at the grocery store and going through some 90 magazines I have accumulated I was met with the messages you see in the picture. YES, UNIVERSE I GET IT! GET COMFORTABLE WITH CHANGE!

Yesterday evening I spent about an hour planning out the next two weeks. I planned out, packing, exercise, and meal prep. If I stick with the plan, that does have a week bit of wiggle room, I will be awesome come moving day. Change doesn’t need to be met with fear and anxiety, it can be met with open arms and an open heart which is my goal, not only in the next two weeks, but forever moving forward. I am unwilling to let my eating and exercise commitments lapse because staying focused on those while all of this is going on, will only help me handle the stress and anxiety that much better!

Packing & pruging of 9 years worth of stuff has begun!

Packing & pruging of 9 years worth of stuff has begun!



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