Down & Dirty 30 – M.I.A this week…

Missing+in+Action+MIA+logoFirst of all….thank you to those that have sent me email’s inquiring about updates. I apologize for my disappearance!

I move in 3 sleeps and sadly my world at the moment consists of sleeping, working and packing! I am a bit of a Type A personality so I have been packing and purging through 9 years of stuff! I have also been color coding my boxes for easy sorting on the other end. I was speaking with the movers this morning and his response was “Really?” with a very shocked tone…

Unfortunately that has not left me much time for writing, which is a big missing for me. I find that when I write and share with all of you it helps me manage and deal with the stress and anxiety of this journey and all the change that is coming my way.

I am excited for the move, the new space, a fresh start and most of the warmth and peace and quite.

I have not been tracking religiously with everything that is going on, which has been a missing and I saw a gain this week on the scale at Weight Watchers, not a big gain, but as a result I am making a conscious effort this week to focus on healthy choices, despite not being able to cook (kitchen is packed) and tracking. Baby steps, my life is going in the right direction and so will the scale.

I promise come Monday I will have moved, packing will have started and I will be back stronger than ever!


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