Have Not Been Myself….

change-quoteAs most of you are aware I have been M.I.A…

Thank you to those that have sent emails, texts and nudges…I am here.

I would like to be able to provide a valid reason for what has been going on, but truth be told…I have been hiding, keeping to myself.

I have been in my new home for exactly a month now and I am STRUGGLING to get into a routine. I have a longer commute to and from work, grocery stores and fitness facilities are not as close as they once were and I am adjusting to life in a very quite neighborhood. I went from living on the 3rd floor of an apartment building to ground level in a very beautiful house, and for a girl with an over-active imagination this has caused some very restless sleeps and frequent noise checks…in the middle of the night…with a weapon. I LOVE my new place and I don’t regret my choice to move one bit, but the transition wasn’t what I was expecting. Pile on top of that work has gotten CRAZY busy and has me awake at 5:00am dealing with clients and candidates and then it is a constant hustle throughout the day trying to keep up in some areas, falling behind in others…and for a perfectionist/Type A personality like me that is tough. A bit of a backslide in eating has also brought on the reoccurrence of some health issues that were resolved…

There it is…the whole ugly truth about what is going on in my brain. Then there is that little voice that is chirping away “Just plan better” or “Stop being a baby” or my personal favorite “Told ya you couldn’t do it, you suck at change.”

I am hoping that by finally coming out of hiding, sharing this with you, combined with some activities I have lined up over the weekend, this will start to have my head rest a little more steadily above water and I can stop experiencing the feeling of drowning.

I very much intend to restart my “Sexy in My Skivvies” challenge I just need to find my groove before that happens, but fear not it will return.



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