Sexy In My Skivvies – Day 1

Day 1

Day 1

Day 1 was a great first day! The support I received from my community for the offers to go for walks, to be available via the phone if I am struggling, it was overwhelming and I thank each and every one of you! My heart if full.

I did well in the eating department. I am using MyFitnessPal and I ate more calories than I intended, but according to the app I didn’t go over what I was allowed. Still a little high for my liking. I am also needing to do a little research because they have done an update since I last used the app and they have this whole macros breakdown, which from my quick reading is something that I need to pay closer attention too.

The best part of my day….spending time with my cousin Charmagne. It had been easily 10-12 years since we have seen each other and about 15-16 years since we had had a significant conversation. She was at my Uncle’s birthday party beginning of the month and we made a plan to go for a walk and walk we did! Funny when you get to talking you forget how far you are walking, so it was a delight to BLOW my 10K steps out of the water. We have also made the date to beat the steps next week! Then it was time to sit down and do some of the mental work…

Love Your Body Challenge – Day 1

So right out of the gate Molly hits you with 10 questions that you need to answer, rating yourself on a scale or 1-10. I got 18 out of a possible 100 points. The questions are asking you to rate yourself on your perception and how you feel about yourself. So, there is some work to do, which is why I am taking on this challenge with all of you! Each day also comes with a mantra and an action step that I will share with you. You can also click the link attached above, or (here)

The first reason to love your body is “Because It’s Yours.” Molly is right when she explains that this is the only body you have. I take care of some of my belongings better than I take care of myself, which when reading through her right up on Day 1 blew my mind. Why would I take care of a pair of shoes, my tablet or my iPod better than I take care of my body?!?! My shoes are not going to heal me when I am ill, my tablet is not going to stop me from huffing and puffing when I climb the damn hills that New Westminster seems to be riddled with. So…

Mantra: “My body is my home. It’s the ONLY place I have to live. I will treat it with the care and respect it deserves”

I can see clearly that if you truly love your body, stuffing it with junk food, high fat and foods that serve no nutritional value is not loving and respecting the body you are living in. Just as taking drugs and drinking excessively is not loving and respecting the body you live in. Quite frequently, I think it is easy to take for granted what my body does for me. My legs provide me with the ability to walk with very little trouble. My heart, although aided by a device due to a birth defect, beats as frequently as it is supposed to. I can look around and see people who’s bodies have failed them in some way by no fault of their own. So, knowing this why would I not do everything I know to do to take care of it.

Action Step: Do one really nice thing to take care of yourself today

One of my areas for improvement in taking care of myself is sleep. I had a nice hot shower and got ready for bed last night. Due to a friend emergency I didn’t get the sleep I was hoping for, but I am making it a focus for the week. Sometimes friends are more important than sleep! Today I have another long walk planned with my friend Tiffany and then I am going to take my magnificent body home, feed it a nutritious dinner and treat it to a very loving bubble bath.

Sexy in my Skivvies is not just dealing with the physical aspects of looking good in my knickers, it is also about having the confidence to rock those sexy panties and not feel self-conscious about what my thighs look like, or my tummy or my arms.

What really nice thing are you going to do today to take care of your body?

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