Sexy In My Skivvies – Day 2


Day 2

Ok…not gonna lie I woke up this morning with a bit of a hate on for exercise and no desire to partake in it in any form today. Yesterday I was able to squeak in just over 11,000 steps on the ol’ Fitbit. It took something though. My body was a bit achy from the day one, plus I was at the chiropractor yesterday afternoon where she rudely pissed off some muscles to get them to heal from an injury. I enjoyed a lovely walk along the river in New West with my dear friend Tiffany. Spending time with her is like a high dose of sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. Despite my muscles objections and my desire to not walk the 10,000 steps…we did it! I woke up this morning with sore muscles and no desire to do any bits of exercise, so….I will do 30 mins of Yoga to stretch my muscles and spend some time with my foam roller. I also commit to a minimum of 8000 steps on my Fitbit. I want to be careful and listen to my body, I do not want to cause an injury later on.

I ate less calories than the day before but defiantly S.T.R.U.G.G.L.E.D with hunger yesterday. My specific focus is to only intake 1800 calories a day, but it will take some time to cut back to that. I am not going to hack myself off at the knees like I have previously resulting in the feeling of being deprived. Yesterday I was also having some sugar cravings. I know that there were 2 times that I did a bit of grazing, but it was on cashews and I estimated it in the journal. There were a couple times yesterday where all I wanted was SUGAR and it took a lengthy conversation with myself, but I succeeded and that is what matters.

Love Your Body Challenge – Day 2

I struggled with this mantra a bit, still am this morning if I am 100% honest. Molly talks about our bodies being capable of some pretty amazing things. I am struggling with finding something that I am amazing at or capable of doing. What I come up with is usually followed by the thought “That’s lame Nikki, don’t type that.” Interesting how when I need to focus on being kind to myself I am struggling…so here it goes.

Mantra: I am capable of ___________, and that’s awesome. In fact, I am capable of anything I set my mind to, that I am willing to work for.

I am capable of baking some really delicious desserts? I am capable of making people laugh with my sarcastic sense of humor? I am capable of…what is coming up for me is the experience of not wanting to sound like I am “bragging.” So I am going to choose making people laugh or smile with my sarcastic sense of humor!

Action Step: If you click the link above you’ll see that we had a choice of 2 and I am choosing the second option. Think about something you’ve been wanting to do/learn/master and set a reasonable time limit to achieve it. Reasonable is the key word here.  Keep repeating the mantra to remind yourself that you can do anything that you set your mind to as long as you’ll work for it.

I have always wanted to learn how to box/kickbox. The few times that I have done it with Emilia in our one on one sessions it has been so much fun and I love the feeling I get afterwards. It is hard to explain. It is a feeling of accomplishment, release and pride. So, I am going to pursue that. I know there are quite a few gyms and facilities in Vancouver that offer these lessons, so by July 5 I will have sorted out my budget to accommodate this and taken or be signed up to take my first class. The thought of group activities is not my favorite because my mind goes crazy with “You’ll be the biggest person there” or “People will judge you”, but I don’t care. That is what this challenge is about!

Kiss my A$$ comfort zone!

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