Sexy In My Skivvies – Day 3


The bottom right was me last night till about 9 worry about my activity

So….for a majority of last night I was beating myself over my head with the ol’ battering ram I have become accustom too. I was motoring around my apartment doing food prep and cutting up vegetables to make more juice. By the time I was all done and got the kitchen back to a respectable state, looked at the clock and it was 9pm….bugger all hell.  I was at 6000 steps on my Fitbit and had not yet completed yoga. I am going to get really honest with you, my cubby plus size ladies will understand this….I am dealing with a case of what I call “chub rub.” It is that area of skin in between your thighs that with increased activity, friction and heat can create a bit of a sore or a rash. Well I have a sore and it isn’t pretty. So I climbed into the shower and then sat down on the couch, put some cream on my sore and completed my Day 3 homework. I was so busy running around trying to get everything done, get in my steps, do Yoga, worrying about the time, beating myself up until I decided that this thought pattern has never worked for me. So I took a deep breath and decided that this week Wednesday is was my rest day. It was originally scheduled for Sunday, but I made the choice to swap them.

I am quite pleased with where I ended up on the eating front. Yesterday I didn’t experience that many hunger pains, although I did cave when my co-worker brought chocolate covered pretzels into out office, but I had 3 and I was totally fine! I pulled out my phone and plunked them into MyFitnessPal and I am still happy to report that I stayed under my goal of 100g of sugar, coming in at 72g. I was also tickled with getting closer to my goal of 1800 calories! Now for the homework….

Love Your Body Challenge – Day 3

This one took some thought and I really had to face my difficulty with acknowledging myself and what I am capable of. Day 3 was all about loving your body because it is strong. Molly covers physical, mental and emotional strength and that we do things on a daily basis that tests our endurance in these 3 areas yet we do not take the time to sit back and acknowledge that, we just plow through. We need to give ourselves credit.

Mantra: I am strong enough to _____________, and I am proud of that.

Action Step: Write down  one way that you demonstrate incredible physical strength, mental strength and emotional strength. Let yourself relish in the memory of the last time you did these things and let yourself feel proud.

I am strong enough to survive the several surgeries it took to – it was 4 in total. To have a pacemaker implanted so that my heart can continue to beat. I am grateful and thankful for my strong heartbeat that I feel each and every day.

I am strong enough to ensure the death of my Father. I am able to find forgiveness and love. His passing was unexpected and although he struggled his love for his children never waned.

I am strong enough to care all of this excess weight on a daily basis. I am able to walk, move and exercise to make my body even stronger while I intend to carry much less weight. I am proud of my ability to willingly share my journey with all of you.

Below is a favorite clip of mine because I believe it captures the strength that everyone has, specifically woman, and our need to take time for ourselves to acknowledge that and KICK SOME SERIOUS A$$!


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