Sexy In My Skivvies – Day 4

Day 4

Day 4

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!! There are many reasons that I am super excited for today….can you tell? First reason, my company is moving to some brand new, pretty swanky, new digs so there is a lot of hustle and bustle and packing going on. Secondly, today I get to have a 60min torture session with Taren, one of my personal trainers I work with. Although I moan, groan and complain about how horrible she is….secretly I love it! Finally, the sun is shining and we are gonna have some pretty great weather this weekend so how can I not be in a good mood!

Yesterday was a challenge, but productive day. I had a dentist appoint in the afternoon that let to half my face and my nose being frozen and I was a bit sore. I contemplated going home to lie down, but opted for pulling up my big girl panties and I tried out a gym that is attached to one of the skytrain stations here in Vancouver. I got a wicked 35min hill walk in on the treadmill and did some weights focusing on my arms. YAY for the 11,000 steps on my Fitbit!

Eating was interesting. I found myself with virtually no appetite yesterday and was eating because I knew that I needed too. I had almost 300 calories left at the end of the day and although I am trying to loose weight I can hear my trainers in my head reminding me that my body needs fuel to burn the fat, so I made a pretty delicious protein shake that tasted exactly like a Pumpkin Pie! I slept like a baby last night and was awake before my alarm. Wanna know where I struggled….

Love Your Body Challenge – Day 4

This is where I struggled. I know that this challenge is mainly focused on the mental aspect of weight loss and repairing my emotional state, but I keep having the thought that these exercises are me bragging about myself. I know I mentioned that yesterday, but when I sat down last night to complete Day 4 the same thing came up. My dear friend Tiffany said this to me “SHINE!” so I put pen to paper…or I guess it is fingers to keyboard and here we go.

Molly’s focus for Day 4 is acknowledge the fact that your body and your like is a miracle. She is right. Everyone is born with a purpose on this planet. No one is born by accident or mistake despite what they/you believe. We all have a light inside that we acknowledge and let shine or that we cover up and hide. I cover up and hide mine with food and fear.

Mantra: My existence is a miracle. I am not here by accident. My life has purpose and meaning, and that purpose and meaning is _________________.

Action Step: Write down what your life purpose and meaning is. Write about how you discovered it and allow yourself to recognize yourself for the impact that you’re having and that you will have on those around you. Feel extremely proud.

For me, I find that I am discovering more and more each day, as I move forward in my weight loss journey, what my meaning and purpose is. I can remember back to growing up in a small town. Bullied in elementary and high school because of my weight. My mom would put me in these classes or group activities and I was always the biggest girl, never feeling comfortable and free to express myself. I always tried to hide or do/say what was necessary to fit in. As I travel through this journey and share it with all of you I want every child/girl/teenage/woman to know that they do not have to feel that way. Embrace that you are different! Embrace that you are weird or “left of center” as I call it! Give yourself an effin’ hug for being you. I want to shine and to encourage others to embrace their spark and shine bright as well. Even typing that I can feel my heart fill with pride and purpose and it makes me want to cry. I never want to apologize for who I am again.


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