Sexy In My Skivvies – Day 7

Day 7

Day 7

Alright y’all this heat and humidity here in Vancouver is reaching epic proportions and yesterday was no fun! My tummy was still a bit skittish on the food front. I find myself getting really concerned about “the numbers” I am constantly watching the calories in vs out and monitoring my fear of going over. I follow a lot of people on social media that talk about this and the downfall. I want to do this in a healthy manner and want to make sure that I do not develop an obsession with the numbers….

I also didn’t take a moment allow myself to fully acknowledge and celebrate my 2.2lbs weight loss last week.  I wrote it out and did a fist pump on the scale, but then I moved right into “Gotta do that again this week” and “Gotta see if I can beat that number.” So I am take a moment to celebrate and acknowledge my goal from last week. All of my hard work paid off and I lost 2.2lbs! I did that! With the help of the friends and family that went on walks with me and check in via texts and phone calls. It was a community effort led by me! There are going to be weeks where I beat that number, weeks where I come in below that number and weeks where I stay the same. That is the nature of weight loss, but the intent of this journey isn’t just weight loss, it is about loving myself whole and complete right now and my entire time on the journey to my goal weight. With that being said…

Love Your Body Challenge – Day 7

Because it can experience pleasure.

Ok, yes that is the first place that my mind went to as well, but let’s keep this PG 13 people! As Molly mentions, that is part of the human experience, but there is so much more!

Mantra: I love my body. It has the ability to bring me immense pleasure in many ways if I can slow down to recognize it.

Action Step: Take 5 mins to write down a list of the pleasures, big and small, simple and complex, that you get to experience on a daily basis, while thinking about your mantra.

When I sit down and focus on the things that bring me pleasure… the first sip of coffee in the morning, drinking a cold iced tea on a hot day, hearing the little bird acknowledge the morning outside the bedroom window, a really great hug, getting an unexpected text that makes you giggle are a few of my favorite things.

Take a moment to stop and smell the roses people. Acknowledge that things that bring you pleasure and do them or experience them when you most need it.

Today holds a challenge for me. I have a walk planned with my cousin Char, and we are going to try to beat my 14,000 steps from last week. On top of that, my office moved over the weekend and the fridge has not yet been delivered so I have no lunch, today will be a venture down to the food court in our new building, where my current plan is to have a salad from the salad bar that is there. I don’t want to get distracted from my goal! Stay tuned for tomorrow to find out!


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