Sexy In My Skivvies – Day 8

PhotoGrid_1435675364804WIN FOR NIKKI!!!!! Holy moly yesterday was a tough one, but sweet hannah banana I DID IT!

In the move at work, the fridge didn’t make it, unable to take my healthy lunch because it needed a fridge, I was left relying on my sheer determination to make healthy choices. I don’t have the greatest track record when left to my own devices for eating out. I did quite well! I told my co-workers on either side of me “If I come back from the food court downstairs with something other than salad, you have my permission to take it away from me.” No need because I came back with a salad. There were a couple points in the day where I has fighting some serious sugar cravings, but I pushed threw them. I nailed my macros yesterday, on the penny according to MyFitnessPal. I keep forgetting to do more discovery into this point of eating. One day at a time….

The BIG WIN from yesterday that ties almost to perfectly into Molly’s Day 8 of the Love Your Body Challenge is my exercise. I came in at a delicious 20,077 steps on my Fitbit. My cousin and I did a wickedly long walk that involved a couple hills and a couple breaks on some benches in the shade. It was a hot one yesterday, but we pushed threw and by the time I got home I was sitting at 19,541 and I was happy, but had this thought that kept nagging me. “Put your shoes back on Nikki and crack 20k.” I kept ignoring it because I was tired, my feet and legs were aching something bad. I was perfectly content to sit on the couch with my feet up and keep pushing that thought aside. Then, my friend Kasandra, who was been a friend since about birth, because our mom’s are best friends, shot me a message and at 10pm last night, in my flip flops I walked around the block breaking the 20K mark as I walked back to my front door. I was so stinking proud of myself for pushing through despite the part of my brain that didn’t want me too.

I then sad down to complete my Day 8 homework. When I read it I laughed and then had a wee cry…the universe if funny sometimes

Love Your Body Challenge – Day 8

Because it can move.

Boy did I sure prove that yesterday! I remember a few years ago I was having some lower back pain that left me unable to talk and function normally for a couple of days. I was in tears for those couple days. To this day I see a chiropractor for preventative measure so that I never experience that level of pain again. I have been on crutches…a few times, had my leg in a cast, and a dislocated shoulder…just to name a few, but my body keeps moving.

Mantra: I love my body. It allows me the privilege to move freely, and I will take full advantage of that privilege as often as I can.

Action Step: Take 3 mins to write down a list of all the ways that your body moves each day.

I feel really lucky that my body, with all the excess weight, has allowed me to do some of the things that it does. I am able to workout with my trainer and lift weights and do exercises that I know some struggle to do. As much as I hate burpees, the fact that I can do them, although not always graceful, amazes me. I can go for a long ass walk, spending time in the sun with my cousin, laughing and talking when most people are looking for a fan to sit in front of. When my nieces were little I was able to pick them up to hug and squeeze them and play with them. Each of our bodies is capable of amazing things, it is our minds that we need to get out of the way.

I have one exercise that I know is mostly mental for me, but my body is fully capable of doing. A box jump.

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