Sexy In My Skivvies – Day 10…

PhotoGrid_1435851101957See this is what happens when you take an extra lazy day off. I woke up this morning went about my morning fully thinking I had written and posted today’s update until a text from a friend came through….I have a bad habit of mentally thinking something is done but in actuality it hasn’t even been started *facepalm*

Yesterday was a day of celebrating Canada’s 148th birthday and it was a terribly hot day here in Vancouver. I did my best to stay hydrated. This kind of heat just zaps your energy though. I don’t really have anything exciting to report I seem to be killing week 2, which is a huge win for me, but I don’t want to jinx it or get cocky and my fear in typing that is that I just did. I notice this week I am struggling far more with the mental side of things and the motivation to get my 10K steps has waned, but overall I am still hitting home runs.

I feel like in the exercise department I want to up my game a little bit, but worry if I push too much I will loose my momentum. I am an Aries sign, the ram, yup I am that to the core at times…I try to ram my way through things instead of a nice and steady pace…ok universe I get it. Yesterday was so hot that at around 9pm I realized I was only at 6ooo steps so, I put on my runners and decided to tackle some of the hills in New West. Now if you live in the area or have been…..think San Francisco style hills and I went up and down. The great thing though, was at the end I parked my bum on a bench in the parked and watched some fireworks.

Love Your Body Challenge – Day 10

Because you are (or should be) unapologetically strong.

Ok this one hits a bit of a nerve with me and Molly hit the nail on the head. We, as women, are constantly expected to downplay our strengths and attributes. It was are strong or confident we are labelled a “b*tch” so we are told to not be so assertive. Have you ever noticed the struggle it is at times to accept a compliment? I know this is a nerve with me. Every time some gives me a compliment I come up with an equally to or great reason that that compliment isn’t true. I know last week I even struggled with some of these daily challenges because I felt like I was “bragging” and I didn’t want anyone to get upset.

Mantra: My body is strong, and so am I, and I will no longer apologize for either of those truths.

Action Step: Practice accepting compliments gracefully.  Do your best to recall the last 3-5 compliments you’ve received and write them down.  Next to them, write down how you will respond in the future when you receive a similar compliment.

I have been sitting here for 5 minutes and I honestly can not remember the last couple compliments I have gotten, see I tend to block them right out….ok. I am going to practice saying “Thank you” when I recieve a compliment, no rebuttal allowed!

Damn you Molly Galbraith and your daily challenges….

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