Sexy In My Skivvies – Day 12

2015-07-03 17.37.58Well here I am once again with my late post, but I promise I have a really valid reason that is testing my mental abilities and I promise to share with all of you tomorrow….why am I doing this test? For just that, a test of strength. I do not want to get stuck in the rut of “I’m not stronger enough” or “I have no will power” so I have put in little tests, but we will talk about that tomorrow….today we are talking about yesterday….still following along? 🙂

You will notice that yesterday I ate quite a few more calories than my normal goal of 1820. I did not eat anything that was unhealthy or “cheat.” I simply found that yesterday I was exceptionally hungry and I also had a lot of exercise yesterday so I ate some more. I was having a small tiny debate with myself about that and then decided that I was OK with it.  12 days without any cheat foods! BOOM!

This morning I am feeling the wrath of Taren from yesterday! We worked out in the park down by the Vancouver Convention Centre…it was hot and hard. I soon realized that I take the machines and the gym setting for granted, working out outside you have uneven ground, people watching, you use your body’s weight a lot more vs the weights in the gym… was awesome! I did not take my Fitbit off during this session and from what I can tell the MyFitnessPal app adjusted accordingly and didn’t give me double the calorie burn! I have been toying with purchasing a Polar watch that gives you a far accurate rating on your calorie burn, because I am not confident on Fitbit and MyFitnessPal burn calculations….we will see, right now I am just enjoying the moving more, having more energy and feeling a little clearer mentally and emotionally. All by products of 12 Days of training to be awesome!

Love Your Body Challenge – Day 12 

Because your relationship is reciprocal.

It’s funny I had not even looked at the Day 12 homework until I type the Love Your Body Challenge – Day 12 line. The universe gives you funny little msgs if you are willing to listen. If you go back and read my second to last sentence in the last paragraph it sums up perfectly what Molly is talking about today. You feed your body junk food, lots of fat and sugar and heaping spoonfuls of negativity you will constantly feel like garbage.

“Garbage in, garbage out”

Mantra:  “My relationship with my body is reciprocal, so I will nourish it with love, compassion, and positive thoughts.”

Action step:  Take 5 minutes to write down the ways that you’ve consciously noticed a reciprocal relationship with your body. Whether it’s giving a genuine compliment and instantly feeling better about yourself, pulling a certain food out of your diet and having more energy, getting in a good workout and getting an endorphin rush — write down all of the times you’ve noticed a direct input —> output relationship.  Then highlight the positive inputs that led to positive outputs, and make a conscious effort to avoid the negative inputs that led to negative outputs.

Sure the first couple days were a bit of a struggle and I am not going to be 100% perfect and never have refined sugar again, or never eat something that isn’t healthy for me. My goal is to simply eat healthy foods that fuel my body more than I eat foods that hurt my body. I have been sleeping better, feeling better, having more energy since I began. Feeding my body good foods and positive thoughts is working for me so of course I am going to keep going. Yesterday we were training in the park and I was jogging the stairs…at the top two ladies were standing there. I was struggling with the last set of stairs…what did they do….start cheering. These two complete strangers helped me up the last set of stairs, got the the top for high fives and one lady said she was proud of me. I smiled, thanked them and headed right back down the stairs. Normally I would have been beyond embarrassed, but in that moment I was thankful for the cheering squad. I am the only one that can control the food that goes in my mouth, but having a community for support makes me push further and to keep going. Don’t get me wrong, I am not doing this for anyone but myself, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle or a solo mission.



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