Sexy In My Skivvies – Day 15

PhotoGrid_1436278226365Yesterday…Day 15….the half way POINT!!! YAY!!!

It took something to get through yesterday. I am entering the week before your “ladytime” where cranky becomes my middle name, I want to eat everything in site, my emotions go from Angel to Devil in about 30 seconds and I am sensitive and can cry at the drop of a hat. Yesterday I was being a bit extra sensitive, I wasn’t able to do my Monday walk with my cousin, so my friend Tiffany talked me off the ledge and I was ever so grateful. Have people around you that support you, are there when you need them, and don’t take your crap in way of reasons and excuses really do make a difference.

I crushed 60mins of hard cardio at the gym last night. The air quality is still really bad in Vancouver thanks to some major forest fires that are burning so they are advising no outdoor, rigorous exercise and you could tell by the amount of people at the gym. It was great though. For the first time in my life I had sweat droplets running off me and that usually only happens when I am with one of my trainers. It felt great. I killed my 10K step goal too!

Food was a bit of a different story. I have done some research online and can not get a clear answer, so I have put the question out to my trainers and pending no luck there I will go see my Doctor, because I am committed to doing this the right way. I was hungry yesterday. There are days where I am fine and can stick to my base calorie amount and then I have a day like yesterday that hunger wins and I end up eating my base plus. From what I have read that is normal and ok, but I want to make sure that I am not eating over an above. I know that some of these apps overestimate the calorie burn and other under estimate it. You can never really get a clear indication…hmmm another point for the polar watch where you wear a chest strap…..According to MyFitnessPal I ate under my calorie amount regardless.

Love Your Body Challenge – Day 15

Because it puts up with my antics, and still thrives.

Molly covers off the abuse that we put our bodies through on a very regular basis and yet our body still goes on and thrives. I have put my body through some serious abuse and yet, it still puts up with me. I ignore that signs it gives me about not being happy and yet it still goes on. In 2001, my body showed be that despite what I thought, it could stop working at anytime. My heart literally stopped working and decided that it needed a break. The electrical system of my heart had had enough and now requires back-up in way of a pacemaker. Our bodies are not indestructible. I would gain weight, then go on a short lived “health kick,” loose some and gain some back. I would feed it horribly unhealthy food. I would do good with exercise and then live on my couch. A couple years ago my back when out and I was unable to get up off the floor. It was the second most scariest moment in my life, it was a sign that my body was telling me it needs some help. I tend live in a constant state of worry and stress, that yes, I am working on, but it isn’t  healthy. I couldn’t be more grateful for these last 15 days. The longest I have gone without refined sugar and have stuck with eating healthy, nutritious foods. My body is starting to show me what it is capable of with the right foods and exercise. It shows me the energy that it can produce. It shows me how easier it is to move. I am thankful that I am lucky to be where I am today. It took me a while to get here, but I am here now and I am falling in love with the wonder of my body.

Mantra:  “My body has put up with all of my antics and it still thrives. And for that, it deserves love.”

Action step:  Write down a list of the things you have put your body through in your lifetime.  From inactivity to excessive exercise to eating the wrong foods to drinking too much to working too much — most of us have put our bodies through the wringer.  Write all of this down, and then write down all of the ways your body still thrives; it’s strong, it’s capable, it’s sexy, it’s energetic, it’s compassionate, it’s nurturing… whatever your body does really well, write it down.


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