Sexy In My Skivvies – Day 19

PhotoGrid_1436637996108I am convinced that when it comes to my posts on the weekends….they are going to go up much later because I tend to relax and lay in bed reading or watching Netflix, especially this morning because I am one hurting unit.

Yesterday I trained with Emilia. I used to train with her on a regular basis, but since my move it has been easier distance wise to have Taren train me, they are co-owners of Seva Fitness. We found a fitness path in a park here in New Westminster and let me tell you….ouch! Emilia has gotten tougher since we’ve been apart. By the time we were finished I was covered in dirt, leaves, pine needles and anything else on that park floor. The machines and exercises were all ones that forced me to use my own body weight as resistance. This morning I am quite stiff and the thought of having to climb stairs or lift anything is enough to make me face turn into a pout, but I love every minute of it. I had been a bit slack on the exercise this week thanks to my excuses of life stuff getting in the way, so it was great to have my butt kicked back into action. I am excited to get back into action for my final full week of this challenge.

Yesterday I was on point with my calories. I stayed with my base goal and I found that the times I thought I was hungry I was mostly just dehydrated. I know that I am not even close to drinking enough water, so I am getting on that bandwagon for the rest of this challenge. I sort of, kind of, cheated a bit yesterday. There were fresh baked cookies going around the office and myself and one of my co-workers have some pretty extensive food sensitivities. I am not supposed to have dairy, almonds, eggs, pineapple or mustard and I am also trying to avoid gluten. Admittedly, those things occasionally sneak in, but I can feel a distinct difference in my digestive system and health when I consume those items sparingly vs on a regular basis…back to my point. My co-worker had these small vegan/ dairy and egg free dark chocolate cookies that are made with buckwheat. I ate half of a cookie, don’t worry I logged it, but I am thankful it was only half. It was free of refined sugar, but had organic agave nectar and dark chocolate, I can’t even begin to describe how sweet this cookie was! 80% of this challenge I have been under 100g of sugar a day with most of it coming from fruit or naturally occurring sugar. The remaining 20% I have never gone over 120g of sugar. I am quite tickled with this. I know that there is a lot of evidence out there that tells you how horrible, terrible and awful refined sugar is. I will never be 100% sugar free, but if I can stick in the under 100g of sugar a day I will be happy. I am going in the right direction!

Love Your Body Challenge – Day 19 

Because it’s surprises me regularly.

I am not gonna lie, I am feeling a bit tired of this challenge, because it is starting to seem quite repetitive, but it forces me to focus on my body, so I am going to see it through to the end!

Mantra:  ”My body reveals wonderful surprises to me all of the time, and I am grateful for that.”

Action step:  Take a couple of minutes to write down at least 3 ways that your body has surprised you in a positive way recently. Whether the surprise has been physical, mental, or emotional, it doesn’t matter. Just write it down and replay these memories in your mind for the remainder of your 5 minutes.

Yesterday I noticed a couple things while working out with Emilia. She will ask me to do an exercise and some of them I can do, no problem, I can bang them out. Then there are some that she asks me today and I constantly through out objections like “I am gonna fall” or “I can’t, my body can’t” and to her credit she will listen to complain for about 30 seconds and then she will say just try and…. I have never fallen and my body can. I am constantly surprised at how strong my body is. My blocks in the fitness department are all mental and I am going to promise Taren and Emilia that the first words out of my mouth will no longer be “I can’t” they will be “ok.” I also noticed a fear I have of my back going out again, that as soon as it get “twingy” I instantly stop. My back is stronger than it was back then and it has been a few years since that happened, living in fear of it happening again won’t help my mental game! My body surprises me with its capabilities.

Let’s bring on this Saturday with 10,000 steps and some weekend fun times!


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