Sexy In My Skivvies – Day 20

PhotoGrid_1436723193775I woke up feeling a bit frustrated and not really wanting to write anything today or really fill in on how yesterday went, which was a first. Part of me would like to chalk this up to PMS, which it probably is, but it is a little more than that.

I know that when you start a blog or a weight loss journey such as this you automatically open yourself up internet trolls, people trying to sell you things and people giving you tips and tricks that worked for them. To be honest for the first time I haven’t had any internet trolls this time around on here or Instagram, which is awesome. What has gotten to me the most is the people that try to shove their products and tricks down your throat despite your best effort to be kind and polite. This is my journey, be right or wrong, it is still mine. I will make mistakes and write things that I believe to be true, only to find out later I was wrong, that is all part of the journey that belongs to me. I have chosen to do this the old fashioned, tested and true way of calories in vs calories out, while eating healthy nutrient dense foods. I am not using any special pills, following any special eating programs or jumping on any anti food type bandwagons. I am lucky enough to be able to afford a trainer that guides my exercise and I am in close contact with my Dr. and naturopath regarding everything else.

I am 3 weeks into this journey and it is the most success I have had in about 10 years, without cheating, lying to myself or lying to others. I am down 7.2 lbs with a goal of 10 by the end of Day 30. I am not going to count this week because thanks to the visitor that women get every month I am up .6lbs. I am excited and so delighted at the other journys I have seen people on that have experienced great success, that is your journey. For me this is more about the mental shift right now than the physical one. My current weight loss is an added bonus to the mental work that I have been doing. One of my favorite people to follow all over social media is Stasia2point0. She started out at 500lbs and has now lost 113lbs and is a huge inspiration. She ends all of her posts with a phrase that the first time I read it, out loud, to myself I heard the “click” that everyone talks about. She says,“Always remember that it must start in your mind, and move to your heart, before it can reflect in your body. You have to want it, then believe it, then work hard to achieve it. Mind. Body. Soul.” 

Our journys are just that, ours. What has worked for one might not work for another or they might not be ready to face/do what you have faced/done and that is OK. Give people the space to grow as they need while being close behind just in case they need the support. I am very thankful to my Mumma, my cousin Charmagne, my friends Angela, Tiffany & Sara and my two trainers Emilia and Taren who have been there for walks, talks off ledges, venting sessions, questions and ass kickings. I am also thankful to all the inspirations on social media like Stasia2point0, Obesetobeast, bri_getsfit and Victorialoses100 to name just a few. If you hover over their names I have put in links to their Instagram accounts, so you can get the heaping spoonfuls of inspiration as well.

Yesterday was the first day I ate my base calorie amount without feeling hungry! I did awesome on my macros, a little high on the carb intake, but I am still going in the right direction. I am 20 days without eating any candy, cookies, cake, chips, pizza and 20 days without binge eating! I had my “cheat meal” this morning which was my vegan pancakes with a little bit of peanut butter, regular syrup and some banana. I had this a few weeks ago and got a wicked stomach ache and believe it may have been linked to the syrup I had bought that was less fat/sugar/sodium type syrup because I feel good this week. Today is the day that I am not doing any tracking of calories. I am taking a break! It isn’t a free for all, but I need the one day that isn’t focused on numbers and measuring etc.

I know that normally this is where I would complete my Love Your Body Challenge, but to prevent this post from getting novel-worthy long I will just provide you the link to complete it for those that have been following along. I did complete it in my little notebook!

Love Your Body Challenge Day 20

Ok that is all…I promise!

Have an awesome day peeps!

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