Sexy In My Skivvies – Day 21

IMG_20150713_073118_resizedSo…yesterday I was a bit of a crazy woman.

My morning started out quite lazy with one of those Sunday mornings, laying in bed reading and drinking a coffee. I had a bit of, what I like to call, the “Eyeore’s.” Once I was sufficiently rested I became possessed by the queen of the cleaning fairies. I spent from 1pm till about 9pm, cleaning and I am talking dusting, floors washed, plants pruned and watered, laundry, filing, recycling sorted and dealt with, oven cleaned…..the type of cleaning you do typically before your mom comes to visit. Then I took it a step further and went through every cupboard and drawer, purging, cleaning and organizing. Not certain what came over me, but I went with it. I believe part of it was to ensure I didn’t eat, so whatever keeps me distracted. Before I knew it, I had also done a mountain of food prep for the week, experienced my first Pinterest fail and by 9pm when all was said and done I was ready for bed. Yesterday I didn’t track my calories in MyFitnessPal and my Fitbit didn’t register that many steps, but I was defiantly moving. It was great to take the day off from having to log everything and I am happy that I still found myself conscious of my food intake.

I woke up again this morning still with a bit of the “Eyeore’s.” For those that don’t know what I mean….growing up Winnie The Pooh was my favorite, and Eyeore was one of the characters. He was always a bit “ho hum” and always a little blue. I am not certain what is causing my lil’ thundercloud to follow me around…. I have some suspicions, but my main focus is that, while this thundercloud is around, I do not try to eat it away and I do not loose steam to finish this challenge strong. On my train into work this morning I saw the above photo on a Pinterest, so I made a decision….I can still lift my foot to kick some ass and bring my lil’ thundercloud with me.

I am going to spend a lil time today pondering how I can switch up the last 8/9 days of this challenge….stay tuned !

Love Your Body Challenge – Day 21

Because it tells my life story.

I am with Molly, when I sat down to do this exercise (still have to write the letter) I had some serious appreciation for my body. Each of our bodies is covered in scars, freckles, moles and wrinkles that all tell us the story of our body.

Mantra:  ”My body carries the markings that tell my life story.  These are all beautiful and unique to me.”

I have a noticeable scar on the left side of my chest where sitting just underneath the skin is a pacemaker. I see that scar everyday and it reminds me that my life is precious and I am not indestructible. I have a scar on my hand just over my left thumb that I got when taking apple crisp out of the oven and burnt my hand. My skin shows my love of the sun. My upper arms show my allergy to cotton with a ton of little red bumps. One of the big things that I am embracing. My body currently tells the story of my desire to hide and not been seen. My weight was protection from world. With the excess weight I was able to keep myself distant and separate from the world and keep myself hidden. I no longer have a desire to be control by shame or guilt so I no longer need the protection. To release the protection I first have to embrace it and love it for where it has gotten me and what it has given me.

Action step: click here to read the action step – scroll to the bottom – quite long, saving myself some typing!

P.S. The below photo was my first Pinterest fail. I was super excited to try this Chia Pudding, but my turned out more of a soup like consistency! However, it was still super tasty, so I added some fresh strawberries and toasted coconut flakes.

My Pinterest Fail!

My Pinterest Fail!

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