Sexy In My Skivvies – Day 23

Being sickI wish I was able to say that my absence yesterday was the result of something really fantastic and really awesome, but sadly….it was not. I was sleeping….mostly on the cold tile of my bathroom floor because something was doing an absolute number on my system. If I wasn’t on the floor I was in bed and then around 5pm I started to feel a little better so I moved to the couch. This morning I am still feeling a little off, but I can function as a normal human being for the most part.

I would like to say that I stayed on point with my nutrition yesterday, but the only thing that went into my system was water and a greens juice at about 7pm, so it was a wash. Fitness, well the strength it took to get myself up off the floor, I felt like a competitor in one of those strong men competitions. Today I have had breakfast with no rumblings, so I am hoping that I am in the clear. I will keep my water intake up and I am itching to get back into the gym for some cardio this evening. I will play it by year.

I know that I am used to sharing the ugly side of weight loss with you and I have also gotten to the source of the little black thundercloud that was following me around. As mentioned a large portion of one’s weight loss journey is dealing with the mental reasons behind the weight gain. When someone is overweight or obese it is because they are protecting themselves, the weight acts as a layer against the outside world. Monday afternoon I got a big piece of the “why” I built the layer of protection. It is something that I am still processing and moving through and it is not an easy chunk of onion to swallow let me tell you. I promise, in a day or two, when I have fully processed it, I will share it with you!

For now, I am healing my tummy from yesterday and working on getting my energy levels back up.

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