Sexy In My Skivvies – Day 26 & 27

PhotoGrid_1437323268713_resizedSo I have no amazingly awesome excuse for not posting yesterday except….I remembered when I was out shopping with the bff and then by the time we got home I had to turn around and go right back out for a boat cruise. So, here I am this morning making up for it.

Friday evening my trainer, Taren, cancelled our session and I was tempted to go home, but instead I headed to the gym and crushed a cardio and upper body workout. I felt amazing! The struggle was really Saturday morning when I was in the shower and made the decision that washing my hair was not going to be worth the amount of pain it would inflict. As much as it hurt to lift my arms yesterday all I could do was smile. Then…yesterday…the bff and I did was walking and shopping. Did I mention that this walking, once again, involved the hills of New Westminster….they suck, but I am determined do them on a regular basis because it is such great cardio!

Nutrition hasn’t been to much of a struggle other than trying to learn/find a good balance of carbs, fats and proteins. PhotoGrid_1437323389266_resizedYesterday was a bit of a struggle because I was out and about a majority of the day it took a little more effort to ensure that I was eating in a conscious manner and not zoning out or eating whatever because of convenience. I currently at 27 days without cookies, cake, candy, chips, pizza or any of the other foods that I used to binge eat or consume on a nearly daily basis! YAY!!!!

Love Your Body Challenge – Day 27 

Because it allows you to love and be loved.

Mantra:  ”I love my body because it allows me to express and receive love freely.”

Action step:  Take 4 minutes to right down all of the ways that your body allows you to give love, and all of the ways that your body allows you to receive love, and spend the last minute allowing yourself to be filled with immense gratitude about it.

Molly covers off some ways that our bodies give and receive love. Kiss on the forehead from a Grandparent, a hug from your significant other, a hug from a long lost friend, a hug from anyone for that reason, nursing a new born baby, having your mom rub your back as your cry, holding your Dad’s hand…there are tons and tons of way one expresses and receives love. Touch has always been my favorite of all the five sense. A hug, a hand resting on the arm, a back rub….the list goes on. To me the sense of touch is one of the most intimate of the senses because it allows you to genuinely connect with someone no barriers. A smile to the people I pass the street. You never know what kind of day that person is having and maybe your smiles makes the difference….My body allows me to love…unconditionally…it is my mind that puts the conditions in place. As this challenge draws to a close tomorrow i am present to a profound sense of gratitude for my body.

Mucho hugs and love everyone!


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