Sexy In My Skivvies – Day 28

IMG_20150719_085712Well I done did it! Sunday morning is the day that I weight myself and check in on my progress. I woke up, was lazy in bed for about 45 mins before pulling out the scale. I stepped on, saw the number, stepped  off…”That can’t be right.” I stepped back on….”Nope still wrong.” Stepped off…..I crawled back into bed while I catalogued all the reasons why that number was not accurate. After another 10mins or so I walked back out and stepped on the scale. I looked down at the number, smiled and then proceeded to do a dance that was a combination of Eileen from Seinfeld dancing and Phoebe from Friends running. I took my normal weekly photo and then proceeded to dance my way back to my bedroom to grab my phone and share the good news with my Mom and a couple friends.

I LOST 3.8lbs LAST WEEK!!!! Bringing my challenge total to 10.4lbs lost!!!!!

When I started the challenge I set the target of 10lbs lost by the end of the 30 days. ACCOMPLISHED!!! I have not allowed myself to break that 10lbs loss barrier in a few years. I come close and then I stop. NOT THIS TIME!!!! BOOM!

Tomorrow is my last day in the challenge and the question I am getting a lot….”Are you going to eat everything you haven’t allowed yourself to eat in the last 30 days?” This question is usually met with a funny look on my part and then a “Nope.” I have spent the last 30 days working on removing the hold those foods have on my life, my emotions and my addiction to them. I am feeling a strength that I did not know was in me. Yesterday was also the final day of Molly Galbraith’s Love Your Body Challenge….I know it might sound like I am ending today, but I promise I will finish the challenge strong. At times I found her challenge a bit repetitive, but it was what helped me tap into the strength that I am feeling. The first week of this challenge was easy for me. I have done week 1’s of challenges lots before. It was week’s 2 & 3 that were the tests for me, but I did it. I FREAKIN’ DID IT!

What now….I keep going. Nothing changes except that I probably will not be posting every single day like I have been, but I promise to keep up at least 3 times a week. The eating will continue on the path that I have been with my focus remaining on nutrient dense good for me foods. I will also continue to exercise 5-6 days a week.  This was not a 30 day challenge and then go back to the behaviors prior to the start. This was a kick in the pants and finally walking the talk….don’t believe me…..just keep watching!

How will I celebrate? The one thing that I am craving….a scoop of chocolate ice cream….but I want the good stuff. I want a scoop of Ernest’s or a scoop from this amazing gelato place in east Vancouver. If I am going to have it then I want it to be the good kind. I have made the commitment that every 10lbs I get a little reward, this 10lbs will be a pedicure next weekend!

Love Your Body Challenge – Day 28

Because it’s perfect (and it could use a little improvement).

Mantra:  ”I am perfect, just as I am.  And I could use a little improvement.”

Action step:   Your action step for today is to retake the test from before Day 1 and compare your scores.

When I first took Molly’s quiz I scored 18 out of a possible 100 points. I just retook the quiz and I scored 51/100 points. My body is my body. It is mine with all of its roll’s, dimples, wrinkles, veins and scars. It is the perfect body for me right now and every day I work on improving it. I work on healing my relationship with my body and am becoming well versed in the art of forgiveness. My body is perfect. I have noticed a huge shift in my perspective on my body. I would never leave the house showing my arms. It could be 40 degrees outside and I will still have a little cardigan on. Over the last month the only time I have had a sweater on… work because the A/C is blowing. I say to myself all the time…”don’t like it, don’t look.” I don’t care what anyone else says or thinks about my body. I know that I am doing what I need to do to heal my body and my relationship with food. There is no one else that will do that but me.


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