Possible Round 2?

PhotoGrid_1437929210543_resizedGood Morning Peeps!

So it has been just under a week since I completed my personal 30 day challenge and what an interesting 5 days it has been.

The first day I woke up with a sense of overwhelming relief. I didn’t have to worry about getting a post up and then I had the thought of ” I don’t have to worry about people seeing what I eat.” That was when my head dropped to one side and a confused look came across my face….interesting thought, let’s explore this Ms. Nikki. After a conversation with myself, while getting ready  for work, I was no where closer to understanding that thought, only that it wasn’t sitting right with me. I spend a majority of Wednesday and Thursday feeling off. The bff drug my ass out of hills in New Westminster on Thursday evening. If you are at all familiar with the area….think San Francisco style hills. We started at 3rd..we’d go down the left side of the street, cross, and come up the right side, cross over to 4th, down the left side, cross come up the right side…we did this all the way from 3rd to 8th and back. When I could breathe we got to talking and here is what I discovered….

For a couple years no all I have focused on is completing a 30 day challenge. Many times I started and many times I failed. I would come really close, I would lose a couple pounds and then I would sabotage it and not finish. I had never thought past the 30 day challenge because at the time that was a large enough task to tackle…and if I am honest…I did not entirely believe I would conquer. Here I am, completed the 30 day challenge and lost 10.4lbs….now what? The answer….I don’t know….yet.

Here is what I do know….the last five days have been a bit of a struggle. They haven’t been bad and I didn’t fall of the 20150726_104731_resized (1)wagon, but a couple extra 100 calorie snacks crept in each day. I am happy to report that on Sunday I stepped on the scale and I was down another 3.2lbs!! Bringing my grand total to 13.6lbs lost! OVER THE MOON! YAY ME! I then went to the best brunch café in New Westminster called Coming Home Café. I then proceeded to eat the best cheat meal of my life; 2 hours later I was married to the bathroom for the rest of the day. I don’t regret eating those delicious cherry chocolate waffles and bacon one bit, but I don’t know that it was worth it. I didn’t eat horribly, but not overly well the remainder of yesterday because my tummy just wasn’t interested. The discomfort and pains that I am still experiencing this morning…not worth the 30mins of mouth watering satisfaction. Those delicious waffles were just to much for my sensitive system.

So I am still mulling over what next…another 30 day challenge? A fitness goal? I am clear that having a goal is what keeps me focused and moving in the right direction. I have given myself by end of day today to come up with my next step, so stay tuned!

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