Ass Kicking Commences…

motivation-easierWell hello everyone!

I have gotten a bit to “big for my britches,” so to speak. I was struggling to find my next goal that inspired me. I knew it was going to have something to do with running, but nothing my brain seem to come up with really inspired me or motivated me. The great thing was that I was maintaining my eating and exercise post 30 day challenge. I was fully still on the wagon…then middle of last week…. a leg fell off in the form of one delicious sandwich, but I was still holding on and then a wicked bout of PMS hit and since about Thursday I have been allowing myself to be drug behind the wagon, holding on with my fingers tips. What I have been eating…here is the interesting thing. Carbs…it has been all about the carbs….rice, bread, corn chips, flatbread, etc… When I cheated in the past it was all about the sugar. I had a cookie and it was just way to sweet I didn’t enjoy it one bit. I have not had any candy, baked goods, pop or high sugar items, other than that one cookie. I wanted too, but I just kept telling myself “NO” when it came to those items. Last night the bestie looked at me, as we were eating burgers I might add, and said “Have you owned up to it on your blog?” I shook my head no and her response “Looks like you will be doing some writing tomorrow then.” Damn you bestie! The crappy eating it over and done with, my body is so unhappy with me at the moment it isn’t even funny. I have no energy, I ache, bloated, upset tummy, headaches and I am struggling to move. How did I eat like this all the time and function?!?!

Late Friday afternoon I discovered my next challenge and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it…even through burgers last night. Ready for it?!?!?

I will be doing a 60 day challenge and on day 55 my bestie and I will be completing the CIBC Run for The Cure 5K. I should mention that my bestie has previously completed multiple races including a half marathon, she is a runner and running with her intimidates me, but that is where my motivation is. When I am not at boxing or with my trainer I will be continuing on with my learning to run program. I don’t have a specific amount of weight I would like to loose, but am hoping that by the end of the 60 days I will be at or have passed 40lbs lost in total.

Starting tomorrow you will see my daily posts and updates because that is what I know currently works for me as I build the strength around accountability, eating healthy and learning to run. So, all your runners out there please email me your tips, tricks and must haves for a successful training in learning to run! Or if there is a running coach, of sorts, out there that is opening to coaching me via email, text, etc…hit me up at!

Bring it!

One thought on “Ass Kicking Commences…

  1. Hey girl, when started running, I was dreading it. I Thought running was the worst, dumbest thing ever! I found an awesome podcast based on the Cool Runnings Couch-to-5k program. It was done by a guy named Robert Ullrey. It’s a 9 week program. He had good music and just tells you when to run and when to walk. Love him! I’ve recommended it to several other novice runners and I’ve used that program several times. It made all the difference on the world!

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