What Did I Sign Up For….

34559-Life-Is-About-Kicking-Ass-Not-Kissing-ItI woke up this morning feeling both overwhelming energy and dred mixing together to create a bad hangover. I woke up excited to begin this 60 day challenge and then I was asking myself “What the hell did I just sign up for?!?!” The perfect place to be. I have always been told that if it doesn’t scare you a lil’ bit it won’t motivate you.

Those of you that have been following me for a while know I have previously completed a 5K. Yes I completed it…but it is time to get honest. I did not do the prep work prior to the race. I did not complete the learning to run program and during the actual race, I ran maybe a quarter of it….I half assed the prep and my commitment was non existent. Sure I was proud of myself for completing it, but I want to complete one with the intention of ensuring I have done everything I know possible ahead of time to have a successful race. I want to be able to beat my previous time…pretty sure it was the 45-50min mark. I want to be able to run a majority of the race. Simply put, I want to do better than I previously did. I want my whole ass to be in, not just half 😉

Mental game…this whole journey is ensuring that my mental game is as strong as my physical one. It must first start in my heart, then move to my head before it can appear in my body.  If there is one thing I have noticed over the last few days, the large quantities of carbs I have been consuming defiantly have affected my mental game. I have been quick to anger, then to tears and an emotional rollercoaster. I know it will take a few days for them to leave my body while I restore the balance back to nutrient dense foods only. I was excited to slide my lunch and snacks into my backpack this morning with my workout gear.

Stayed tuned for how the rest of today goes!


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